05 November 2011

The Aussie Zombie

So, who is the Aussie Zombie?  Well, it's me, of course!

I'm a twenty-*cough* something Australian, who has been living in the Netherlands for almost four years now, with an all-consuming passion for Zombies!

I first stumbled into the sub-genre about two years ago, I started with the Z.A. Recht Morningstar books and now read, on average, at least one zombie or Post-Apocalyptic novel each week.

What is the purpose of the Aussie Zombie?  To bring you, dear readers, honest reviews of the best, the worst and the middle range Zombie books available today.  I will also, occassionally, review Zombie and Post-Apocalyptic movies when they come my way.

What do I want from YOU?  Brains of course!  Not to eat (that would be counter-productive!), but to pick - tell me your favourite Zombie books!

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