26 November 2011

Desperate Times 2 Gun Control by Nicholas Antinozzi

Desperate Times 2: Gun Control by Nicholas Antinozzi

Published: 6 June 2011

Genre/s: Post-Apocalyptic, Financial Collapse

Source: Own library


Desperate times continue to grind on, with no sign of Martial Law ending soon or any hope that the economic crisis has subsided. Jimmy and his group learn of another camp of refugees that live not ten miles away from them. The group has adopted a 1960's era commune theme, complete with hippie slang and a flower child mentality. The commune was created out of one of the grand old lodges of northern Minnesota and is called Utopia, and they have one rule: No guns allowed.

By chance or design, the population of Utopia is 90% female and for some strange reason, the National Guard seems perfectly content to allow it to exist without harassment. Jimmy's group is evenly split on joining up with the much larger group, who appear to be at peace with the world. Ken Dahlgren, Jimmy's host, is bound and determined to remain where he is. Patty, Ken's wife, suddenly seems to be losing her grip on reality and it only adds more tension to the situation. Julie, Jimmy's girl, seems intent on staying with the hippies and giving up her guns. Jimmy is torn between the two sides.

Jimmy is introduced to a new world as he steps back in time to experience the sixties. What he painstakingly learns is that those he considers to be left-wing liberals are every bit as stubborn as the right-wing conservatives, which he has aligned himself with. The storyline here is a no holds barred, Desperate Times, look at the gun control issue. The result is a powerful story with an interesting message.

My Thoughts

Desperate Times 2 has the dis-honour of being the first DNF on my blog.

I read, and liked, Desperate Times earlier this month (my review here), so I was looking forward to the second book and reading more about Jimmy and Julie, Ken and Patty and the other characters of the first book and their battle to survive.

Desperate Times 2 started well, with a brief overview of the characters and their stories from the first book, but suddenly I was thrust into the next part of the story without even realizing. It took me a couple of seconds to figure it out, and then I noticed the Kindle formatting….double line-spacing between every single paragraph. This is really disorientating – you don’t know a particular scene has finished until you start reading the next scene, which seriously affects the flow of the story. Now, if this was the only thing I didn’t like about this book, I could have overlooked it – I’m fairly tolerant of formatting issues, but ….

The story doesn’t flow – it jumps and jerks about, the characters are paper-thin and their relationships are tedious – the ‘love’ story between Jimmy and Julie made me want to reach into the pages and knock their heads together, and their over-the-top jealousy either time one of them even LOOKS at a member of the opposite sex smacks of high-school romance pettiness. Characters swap allegiance to each other more often than they change their underpants, and (as far as I got) there was no explanation of how a large group of people managed to find food and supplies from such a remote location.

I made it 62% of the way through Desperate Times 2, and it’s rare I abandon a book so far in. But in the end, the part of me that doesn’t like quitting was overruled by the part screaming in my face ‘don’t waste your time when there are so many better books out there!’

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