15 November 2011

Thicker Than Water (Blood Brothers) by Greg Sisco

Thicker than Water (Blood Brothers #1) by Greg Sisco

Published: 22 October 2011

Pages: 209 (paperback)

Genre/s: Vampires, Paranormal

Source: Own Library

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Synopsis (Goodreads)

Tyr and Loki are not your teenage sister’s vampires. Their skin is not covered in glitter. They do not drink the blood of possums instead of humans. They view humanity as a secondary species; they have mastered the skill of manipulating and seducing women; and if you find yourself in a room with them, don’t expect the opportunity to say goodbye to your loved ones.

Since the Crusades, the Blood Brothers have waged war on all things wholesome. They have terrorized mankind with their hedonistic and brutal theatrics every night for a thousand years.

Thicker Than Water, the first novel in the Blood Brothers series, spans from Tombstone, Arizona in 1893 to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1999. After Tyr sparks a feud with his domineering brother by impaling him to a wall and abandoning their relationship, a story unfolds weaving together vampires, brothel owners, gunmen, prostitutes, and buckets of innocent blood in a twisted orgy of sex, murder, revenge, romance, betrayal, and brotherly love.

My Thoughts

Disclaimer - I have to start by saying vampires aren’t my thing. No way, nuh uh, no vampires for this girl - strictly Zombies only.

However, after reading Greg’s fantastic blog post on ‘proper’ vampires I was intrigued. Maybe, just maybe, there’s someone out there who doesn’t think vampires sparkle and love kittens. So casting my long-standing vampire prejudice aside, I (reluctantly) picked up a copy of Thicker than Water.

Thicker than Water is the story of two brothers Tyr and Loki, and their recent (in vampire terms) recruit, Thor. Named after Norse mythological characters, the brothers have been around the block more than a few times, and have the whole vampire game pretty much down pat. After a disagreement over a child during one of their hell-raising, blood-guzzling escapades, they are no longer in contact – Tyr is in a relationship with a human and Loki is building up his empire with Thor within the sinful confines of Vegas.

Much of this book focuses on the tale behind the turning of Thor, in the late 19th century wild-west, and ends with the story behind the argument that has separated the brothers for the last 13 years.

Thicker than Water pulls no punches where these vampires are concerned – they are in the truest sense of the word, proper vampires. For me, the story started a little slowly, but after the first third of the book, the pace was ramped up quickly, climaxing with the story of their last raid together. The characters are strong and easily identifiable, which makes them very ‘likeable’ (for want of a better word!) and intriguing.

There were some small spelling and grammatical errors, but not enough to bring out the Grammar Nazi’s in full force. One other thing I found slightly difficult to get used to was the accents during the Wild-West chapters, but once I got into it, I didn’t even notice it anymore.

Am I converted? Partially (I’m old and set in my ways!). I love that Greg isn’t afraid to go all out with his vampires and paint them exactly as they should be – bloodthirsty and merciless.


  1. That is a great review, especially considering vampires are not your thing! I like vampires...pretty much anything in the speculative realms, so this sounds intriguing. :)

  2. Thanks Nora! Vampires really aren't my thing, before this I'd read maybe two books about vampires, ever. This is a good book, I even enjoyed the vampirish bits :-D



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