06 November 2011

Towards Yesterday by Paul Jones

Towards Yesterday by Paul Antony Jones

Published: 3 May 2011

Pages: 242 (kindle)

Genre/s: Post Apocalyptic, Time Travel

Source: Own Library

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When a seemingly simple experiment goes disastrously wrong, James Baston finds himself stranded alongside the rest of mankind, twenty-five years in the past. A past where the old are once more young, the dead live and the world has been thrust into chaos.

Contacted by the scientist responsible for the disaster, James is recruited to help avert an even greater catastrophe. Along with a team of scientists, a reincarnated murder victim and a frustrated genius trapped in a six-year-old body, James must stop the certain extinction of humanity. But if the deluded leader of the Church of Second Redemption has his way, humanity will disappear into potentiality, and he is willing to do anything to ensure that that happens.

A serial killer, a murder victim, a dead priest, and James' lives are all inextricably bound together as they plummet towards a final explosive confrontation, the winner of which will decide the fate of humanity.

My Thoughts

Towards Yesterday is a PA book with a twist – time travel.

Imagine your life now, your relationships, your job, your life. Now, imagine you are suddenly thrown back 25 years, retaining all your knowledge and memories, but you’re 25 years younger. People that have died in the last 25 years are alive again, people born in the last 25 years no longer exist.

James Bastion is writing his memoirs on New Year’s Eve, when he is suddenly thrust 25 years into the past. The world is understandably thrown into chaos….and this is where the science comes into the story. Now, I’ll be honest, the science behind these books isn’t always my thing, and in Towards Yesterday, I confess I skimmed….but it doesn’t detract from the story, and the great characters (the 6 year old scientist is one of my favourites!)

There is a religious element to this book, but it is important to the story, and isn’t too ‘in your face’. There’s also a rather spooky serial killer, a revived priest and a good female protagonist.

It is a shame that the book isn’t a little longer, and didn’t delve more into the way that travelling back in time affected the world, and individual people in it, but this story is more centered on a central group.

Overall I highly recommend this book, it does have the science behind the fiction, and is unique in the Post Apocalyptic genre.

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