04 December 2011

A Bookish Weekend

So I've just spent 24 hours reading. Yup, 24 whole hours (well apart from about 3 hours sleep). I'm seeing text whenever I close my eyes and I have a stiff arm from holding a book/e-reader for so long. But, it was made much more fun by the wonderful readers in the Goodreads Group You'll Love This One.

What did I actually achieve in 24 hours?

I read/listened to over 860 pages: 

Finished Reading: Shining in Crimson 234 pages (read about 175 pages during 24 hour period).
Zombie Tales: Primrose Court Apt. 502 (all shorts with no page count - I guess about 25-30 pages each)

Read in part: The Apocalypse Gene 96 pages
The Love of My Life 58 pages

I did think I would read more but I struggled with concentration to begin with - but by the end I was actually very proud of myself!  Now to start on the reviews!

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