01 January 2012

IMM #6 (aka the Christmas Comedown)

IMM is hosted by The Story Siren - drop by and see all the other participating blogs with their overflowing mailboxes!  It's a great way to learn about new books coming out and books that you may never heard of before.

I had this IMM all beautifully planned days ago.  Links, pictures the whole thing.  And then I decided to join another challenge for 2012 - the Around The World in 52 Books Challenge.  Subsequently my IMM has gone from a post-Christmas splurge to a post-Christmas credit-card murder...

But first, and mostly importantly - sent to me for review:

The Zombie-Driven Life by David Wood
Carnival of Hope by George Hamilton
Gamers by Thomas K. Carpenter
John Gone by Michael Kayatta

I am a terribly unorganised person - I did receive two other books for review earlier in December but completely forgot to mention them!  So as compensation, they get a separate mention:

ZombieDead by Ian Woodhouse
Upsetting the Tides by David Englund

Purchased e-books (Boxing Day ebook splurge):

One-Night Stan's by Greg Sisco
Protection by S.A. Reid
One More Victim by Randy Attwood
Risen by Jan Strnad
The Kult by Shaun Jeffrey
Escape from Zombie City by Ray Wallace
Ping by Susan Lowry
The Nuclear Catastrophe by Barbara C Griffin Billig
Redaction by Linda Andrews
Caribou Island by David Vann
Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes
Pariah by Bob Fingerman

And the 52-books carnage (all e-books):

The Colour by Rose Tremain
House of Stone by Christina Lamb
When Broken Glass Floats by Chanrithy Him
Dark Summit by Nick Heil
The Solitude of Thomas Cave by Georgina Harding
Lost in the Jungle by Yossi Ghinsberg
Day After Night by Anita Diamant
The Aquariums of Pyongyang by Chol-Hwan Kang
The Consequences of Love by Sulaiman Addonia

I know, that's 27 books.  Therefore my New Years Resolution is NO NEW BOOKS (at least for January).    It's gonna kill me....

Weekly re-cap:

It's been an amazing week, both inside and outside of blog-land - here's my week in review:

Giveaway: Four excellent winners of my Happy Zombie New Year Giveaway (they all have excellent taste in books!)
I participated in the Top Ten 2011 event :Top Ten Reads of 2011, Top Ten Covers of 2011, Top Ten Book Boyfriends of 2011, Top Ten Characters of 2011 and Top Ten Books I'm looking forward to in 2012.
I got to talk about myself and my reading and blogging: 2011 End of Year Survey
Review: The Walk by Lee Goldberg
Review: The Children of Men by P.D. James book and movie
Review: Z-Boat by Suzanne Robb
Review: The Dying of the Light: End by Jason Kristopher

New Page: Upcoming Reviews - I've been horribly slack and all the books I've been sent for review are sitting there in no particular order.  I'm going to organise them by date so all authors can see how close I am to reading their books.
New Page: Around the World in 52 Books

Coming up this week:

Reading: The Jakarta Pandemic by Steven Konkoly
Reading: Far North by Marcel Theroux

And I'm also going back to work *sobs*, but I've gotta pay for all these books somehow!

So, tell me what you got - so I can tease myself with all those books I won't be getting in January :-)


  1. Great Haul, id like to read Zombie Driven Life, it looks so good. Happy New Year


  2. Wow. Quite a haul. Many I'm unfamiliar with, Enjoy your books and thanks for visiting. Love those ebooks!

  3. Zombiedead looks interesting. I hope you enjoy all your books! Happy New Year!


  4. Woo hoo! You got a ton of books this week! Many I have never heard of! I hope you enjoy them all! Happy New Year!

    My IMM: http://jessiraelloyd.blogspot.com/2012/01/in-my-mailbox-4.html



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