10 December 2011

Retro Review - The Official Zombie Handbook: Australia by Sean T Page & Jon Keioskie

The Official Zombie Handbook: Australia by L. Jon Keioskie and Sean T. Page

Published: 30 June 2011 by Severed Press

Pages: 200 (paperback)

Genre/s: Zombie, Survival

Source: Own library

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My Thoughts 

There is a very 'popular' zombie guide/almanac/guidebook that has gained something of a cult following in recent years. I won't name names, but it would't take a zombie to work out which book I'm talking about. Now, I did buy into that hype, and........hated it. Wasn't funny, wasn't interesting and almost managed to turn me into a zombie-phobic (I had a Google fail, couldn't find a scientific term for such a phobia.)

So when I stumbled across The Official Zombie Handbook: Australia on Amazon late one night, I had instant flashbacks and almost scrolled right on by. Almost. Only one thing got my attention - Australia.

The majority of Zombie books take place in the US, with a few in the UK. I've never come across a zombie-related book set in Australia, so I had to have it. Although I'm currently living in Europe, I was interested to see just how I would survive the Zombapocalypse on my own turf....

The Official Zombie Handbook: Australia has five distinct sections: A Survivor's Guide to Zombies, A Zombie Apocalypse in Australia, Complete Zombie Defence, Surviving Zombies Down Under and Recommended Reading / Further Information.

This book is written with some great sarcasm - with the survivial tips also comes some fantastically snicker-worthy one-liners that made me laugh out loud several times, particularly when paired with some visualisation. Here's a few examples that tickled my brains:

''However, wearing your bow across your body with your arrows in a quill around the belt may give you a decidedly elfish appeal."

''The humble dart is a common part of pub culture and there is no doubting the accuracy of the weapon in the hands of some players. However, in the stressful conditions of a zombie attack, it is unlikely your mate from the Grand Hotel will be able to get his pack of darts out, check their flights and then stand still to throw them at ghouls."

The Official Zombie Handbook: Australia is a good Zombie resource, particularly for us Aussies, but also for anyone living in a country with much stricter gun control laws than the US. The book gives in-depth analysis of how law-enforcement and government bodies would respond to the crisis, case-studies on particular locations, establishing your home-base, foraging for supplies, how to move location, vehicle choices, weapon choices (complete with a 4-stage rating system), and even how to say ''I'm not a Zombie'' in 25 languages (including Swahili, never know when you're going to need to know that one!).

I liked this book far better than The One Which Shall Not Be Mentioned - it was funnier, more comprehensive and relevant, and entertained me the whole way through. My faith in Survival Guides is restored!

Check out more of Sean T Page's work on his website http://ministryofzombies.com/

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