15 December 2011

Retro Review - Tooth and Nail by Craig DiLouie

Tooth and Nail by Craig DiLouie

Published: 1 April 2010 by Schmidt Haus Books

Pages: 258 pages (paperback)

Genre/s: Post-Apocalyptic, Zombie

Source: Own library

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As a new plague related to the rabies virus infects millions, America recalls its military forces from around the world to safeguard hospitals and other vital buildings. Many of the victims become rabid and violent but are easily controlled-that is, until so many are infected that they begin to run amok, spreading slaughter and disease. Lieutenant Todd Bowman got his unit through the horrors of combat in Iraq. Now he must lead his men across New York through a storm of violence to secure a research facility that may hold a cure. To succeed in this mission to help save what's left of society, the men of Second Platoon will face a terrifying battle of survival against the very people they have sworn to protect-people turned into a fearless, endless horde armed solely with tooth and nail.

My Thoughts

I randomly stumbled upon Tooth and Nail in my Amazon recommended list. With so few reviews, and a synopsis that hinted heavily at a military focus, it was with a slightly closed mind that I purchased this book.

And I was pleasantly surprised.

Tooth and Nail starts with a disease that sweeps through the city with rapid pace, beginning as a virus with a high mortality rate, and morphing into a 'zombie' disease.

The pace is fast, and at first I found it slightly difficult to keep the characters straight in my mind - perhaps because as military, they seem to blend together more easily than say, a group of civilians.

It's also pretty light on the whole anatomy of a virus scenario - this is something that has resulted to me skimming in other novels of the same genre (I read these books for a guilty pleasure, not to increase my knowledge of virology!).

I read this in three days, squeezing in a quick chapter wherever possible, as it is very addictive!

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  1. You've posted about so many terrific zombie/survival books that my *wish* TBR list has grown by leaps & bounds!! :D



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