16 December 2011

Soul Survivors: Hometown Tales Vol. 1 edited by Shaun M. Riddle

Soul Survivors: Hometown Tales Vol. 1 edited by Shawn M. Riddle

Published: 28 October 2011 by KnightWatch Press

Pages: 190 (Paperback)

Genre/s: Short stories, Post-Apocalyptic, Zombie, Paranormal

Source: Own library

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Everyone you know is dead or dying. Your world is coming to an end. Could you do what’s necessary to survive? Would you even want to survive? Would you be able to face horrors like the undead relentlessly pounding at your door, and murderous extra-terrestrials with the extinction of the human race as their one and only goal? How about deadly plagues that ravage entire populations or even your own human brethren turning to your flesh as a last ditch source of food?
These are only a few of the many horrors that await you inside these pages. Inspired by the works of
David Moody, UK author of Hater and Autumn, you will now face the terrors of a dystopian world through the eyes of those who witnessed the end.
These tales will leave you as alone and terrified as those who told them. You have been warned.

My Thoughts

First, let me list the stories and their authors:

- Pretend Girlfriend by Jonathan Wood
- The Fourth of July by Shawn M. Riddle
- A Warm Spring Day by Sean M. Thompson
- Birthday Wishes by Charlie Morgan
- City of the Dead by Sean T. Page
- Love Thy Neighbour by Patrick D'Orazio
- Mass Destruction by Rebecca Besser
- End of Knights by Theresa Derwin
- Not Alone by Jeremy L. Mahan
- The Ward by Daniel J. McMurtry
- The Piano Man by Kaye Sarah Inglis
- Tired of Being Bored by J. Rodimus Fowler
- White Rabbits and Clowns Oh My! by Shells Walter

Soul Survivors: Hometown Tales Vol. 1 is a collection of short stories based on the idea of being the last survivor after a post-apocalyptic event. Covering almost all apocalyptic scenarios - zombies, werewolves, demons, nuclear meltdown, and aliens and are all well-written and entertaining.

My favourites include:

‘The Fourth of July’ by Shawn M. Riddle - the story of three friends who come out of the woods to find the world gone to zombies.

‘Birthday Wishes’ by Charlie Morgan – a very sad and melancholy tale of a man who has lost his family to the zombie hordes.

‘Love Thy Neighbour’ by Patrick D’Orazio – a survivor’s tale with a gut-wrentching twist.

‘The Ward’ by Daniel J. McMurtry – Zombapocalypse in a hospital – the stuff worst nightmares are made of! And you always thought no one would make it out alive (or do they?!).

All the stories are unique but tied together with the common theme of soul survival, and range from sad to action-packed to slightly weird. I’d recommend this book to both zombie and post-apocalyptic lovers, and also readers that enjoy short stories – there’s something here for everyone.

And the best bit is, I've now got a nice list of authors to stalk....errr...follow!

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  1. Thanks for the favorable review.

    Shawn M. Riddle



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