25 December 2011

The Walk by Lee Goldberg

The Walk by Lee Goldberg

Published: 31 May 2009

Pages: 195 (Kindle)

Genre/s: Post-Apocalyptic, Natural Disaster

Source: Own library

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It's one minute after the Big One. Marty Slack, a TV network executive, crawls out from under his Mercedes, parked outside what once was a downtown Los Angeles warehouse, the location for a new TV show. Downtown LA is in ruins. The sky is thick with black smoke. His cell phone is dead. The freeways are rubble. The airport is demolished. Buildings lay across streets like fallen trees. It will be days before help can arrive.

Marty has been expecting this day all his life. He's prepared. In his car are a pair of sturdy walking shoes and a backpack of food, water, and supplies. He knows there is only one thing he can do ... that he must do: get home to his wife Beth, go back to their gated community on the far edge of the San Fernando Valley.

All he has to do is walk. But he will quickly learn that it's not that easy. His dangerous, unpredictable journey home will take him through the different worlds of what was once Los Angeles. Wildfires rage out of control. Flood waters burst through collapsed dams. Natural gas explosions consume neighborhoods. Sinkholes swallow entire buildings. After-shocks rip apart the ground. Looters rampage through the streets.

There's no power. No running water. No order.

Marty Slack thinks he's prepared. He's wrong. Nothing can prepare him for this ordeal, a quest for his family and for his soul, a journey that will test the limits of his endurance and his humanity, a trek from the man he was to the man he can be ... if he can survive The Walk. 

My Thoughts

Natural disasters are the things that every PA fan’s dreams are made of. They’re realistic and possible and we’ve all imagined how we would survive ‘The Big One’ in whatever shape or form. And we’ve all seen The Day After Tomorrow, 2012 and Independence Day at least once.

The Walk is the story of a normal, average guy, trying to make it home to his wife after his The Big One hits – an earthquake in LA. Marty thinks he’s got it all planned out, he’s not going to be distracted from his game plan of making it home, safe and sound, to his wife on the other side of L.A. No. Matter. What.

But after a chance encounter with a rough, tough, bounty hunter at a still-functioning burrito stand, things are about to change in wimpy Marty’s world. Suddenly he’s no longer the hapless network executive just trying to make it back to his wife; he’s being dragged into every survival scenario imaginable and then some.

Honestly, Marty is a bit of a twat – he’s selfish, unwilling to get involved in helping others and thinks he is far above his current situation. But Marty is also a reflection of how the majority of us would react in a similar situation, scared and terrified of pooping his pants (you have to read The Walk to understand this reference!). As the story progressed, I felt a lot more sympathy towards Marty – I wouldn’t be the ultimate action hero either, and his drive to make it home is truly admirable.

The Walk is written in a way that drags the reader into the ruptured, disrupted and disaster-struck LA, with terrifyingly real situations that you can completely imagine yourself encountering on such a journey.

In closing, I really enjoyed The Walk – there is a twist that I guessed a fair way before it was revealed, but for me that actually added to the experience in waiting to see when the twist would be revealed.


  1. this looks very good..thanks for sharing it..and happy holidays to you :)

  2. Yet another amazing book selection!! Adding this to my list, thanks for sharing :)



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