06 January 2012

A Rapture you can't refuse! Feed your Kindle

Remember my review of this book?  
It was also my most Recommended Read of 2011, one of my Top Ten Male Characters of 2011, Top Ten Covers of 2011 and on my Top Ten Reads of 2011 (I read 144 books, this is no mean feat!)

Heard about it on the book-vine?  Drawn in by the amazing cover?  Intrigued by the premise?

Well here's the best bit - it's now on sale for $2.99 for Kindle on Amazon.

Not quite convinced yet?  Here's some more reviews:
Ritesh Kala's review of Rapture
Roro is Reading's review of Rapture
Eve's Fan Garden's review of Rapture
Phillip's website

I'm sure you don't need any more convincing, get that 1-click buying finger into action!

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