07 January 2012

Review: Ghost Music by Graham Masterton

Ghost Music by Graham Masterton

Published: November 2011 by Dorchester Publishing

Pages: 288 (hardcover)

Genre/s: Adult contemporary

Source: Publisher for review

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The dead cant seek justice can they? - Gideon Lake, a successful composer, is immediately smitten by Kate Solway, who lives below him. They begin a passionate affair, and Kate invites him to Europe so that they can be together without her husband finding out. But when Gideon witnesses all kinds of strange and terrifying events, he soon realizes that nothing in Kates world is what it seems. Gideon must work out who, and what, Kate really is, and what she wants from him . . .

My Thoughts

Moving into a new and very expensive apartment, Gideon Lake (known as Lalo), glimpses his neighbor leaving the building with her husband and is immediately smitten. Upon meeting her face to face he invites her to lunch in his apartment and their affair begins, quickly moving onto a trip to Europe together. And this is where it all started to get a bit unreal for me. I’m sure there are some fools in the world that would just jaunt off to Europe (alone, they don’t travel together) and go straight to a random address and let themselves in, but most of us just wouldn’t.

Whether it is the author’s intention or not, right from the beginning I knew what Gideon didn’t – and it made me want to reach through the pages and throttle him. And when he finally ‘got it’ in the middle section of the book, he didn’t exactly react in the way I thought he should.

That said, Ghost Music is a well written book - Gideon as a character is well-drawn even if he is a little slow on the uptake and the events that Gideon sees are spooky and more than a little disturbing. The dialogue is convincing and the story kept my attention the whole way through the book.

The ending of Ghost Music may not be to everyone’s tastes, it is quite quick and may feel a little rushed to some readers but if you’ve already guessed all the twists and how it’s going to end there’s no need to have it drawn out further, so perhaps that was the author’s intention all along. A good, solid read.

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