24 January 2012

Review & Giveaway: In the Middle of Almost and Other Stories by S.B.Lerner

In the Middle of Almost and Other Stories by S.B. Lerner

Published: 13 September 2011

Pages: 72 (paperback)

Genre/s: Short stories, Adult Contemporary

Source: Author for review

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An engrossing collection of funny, poignant and bittersweet stories about busy young women who find men in all the wrong places (the garage attendant across the street, the stay-at-home dad in the playground, the younger man at the diner counter) and discover something about themselves in the process.

The stories speak to the curiosities and actual experiences of many city dwellers...A cross between anonymity and 'what-ifs'.

My Thoughts

In the Middle of Almost is a collection of short stories about women and their experiences in meeting men, whether randomly or by design. Without giving too much away, there are stories of love that can never be, realization of the importance of freedom, not settling for Mr. Right Now and conflicts between safety and excitement. There is also an excerpt from the novel A Familiar Stranger and two short-story memoirs focused on family, and in particular, parent-child relationships.

All the stories are beautifully written (some in first person POV, others in the third-person), and although it is difficult to bring characters fully to life in a short story, all the characters are individual and their personalities shine through. Whether I agreed with the choices the characters made or not, I still felt a connection with each and every one of them.

I really enjoyed all the stories, especially Out on a Ledge where I felt a particular affinity to Jessica and her story which was both touching and bittersweet.

If you’re looking for a short story collection that is well-written, engaging and thought-provoking, you should really pick up a copy of In the Middle of Almost and Other Stories – I highly recommend it.

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