21 January 2012

Review: Zombie Fallout (Zombie Fallout #1) by Mark Tufo

Zombie Fallout (Zombie Fallout #1) by Mark Tufo

Published: February 2010

Pages: 322 (paperback)

Genre/s: Zombie

Source: Own library

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It was a flu season like no other. With fears of contracting the H1N1 virus running rampant throughout the country, people lined up in droves to try an attain one of the coveted vaccines. What was not known, was the effect this largely untested, rushed to market, inoculation was to have on the unsuspecting throngs. Within days, feverish folk throughout the country, convulsed, collapsed and died, only to be re-born. With a taste for brains, blood and bodies, these modern day zombies scoured the lands for their next meal. Overnight the country became a killing ground for the hordes of zombies that ravaged the land. This is the story of Michael Talbot, his family and his friends. This is their story a band of ordinary people just trying to get by in these extra-ordinary times. When disaster strikes, Mike a self-proclaimed survivalist, does his best to ensure the safety and security of those he cares for. Book 1 - Of the Zombie Fall-Out Trilogy, follows our lead character in his self-deprecating, sarcastic best. What he encounters along the way leads him down a long dark road always skirting on the edge of insanity. Can he keep his family safe? Can he discover the secret behind Tommy's powers? Can he save anyone from the zombie Queen? - A zombie that seems by all accounts to have some sort of hold over the zombies and Mike himself. Encircled in a seemingly safe haven called Little Turtle, Mike and his family together with the remnants of a tattered community while not fighting each other, fight against a relentless, ruthless, unstoppable force. This last bastion of civilization has made its final stand. God help them all.

My Thoughts

I first read Zombie Fallout in July 2011 and then went on to read Zombie Fallout 2 and 3, all one after the other. The Zombie Fallout Series made it into almost all of my top 2011 lists and still remains one of my most recommended zombie books. I’m not the biggest re-reader – I’m always a little scared that I won’t enjoy the book as much the second time around – but I’m so glad I went back to this one, and I will re-read the rest of the series before moving onto Zombie Fallout 4.

Zombie Fallout is the story of the Talbot family, and their survival through the first weeks of the zombapocalyse, when a government flu vaccination program goes catastrophically wrong. Mike and Tracy Talbot gather together their children and join other survivors in their housing estate, Little Turtle to try and evade the zombie hordes.

Written in the first person POV of Mike Talbot in journal-style, there are also third person entries from other main characters such as Mike’s wife Tracy and daughter Nicole, and his sons Travis and Justin.

Mike Talbot is a fantastic main character, an ex-Marine/Human Resources Executive/Road Worker and survivalist with a die-hard dedication to his family and friends and a wickedly sarcastic sense of humor Рhe could have been the ultimate zombie book clich̩, but is definitely not. The other main characters and supporting characters are well-developed and their interactions are believable and a great mix of laughs, tension and emotion. The bad guys are ultra-creepy and the good guys are imperfect in a way that made me like them all the more.

Zombie Fallout has a perfect mix of tension-building and action, with a great big wallop of snarky, sarcastic, humor - exactly the kind of book I love – great characters and dialogue, good writing and a pee-your-pants-scary Zombie Queen thrown in for good measure.

It’s hard to say more without giving the story away, particularly as I know how it progresses through the next two books, but Zombie Fallout remains exactly what it was the first time I read it – one of my favourite Zombie books/series and one of my most highly recommended books to both zombie enthusiasts and readers who are looking for their first ‘proper’ zombie book. 

Extras – here are a few of the lines that made me smile, laugh or smirk!

“I honestly wanted to stop the car and thank Captain Obvious”

“Tipper looked like a cokehead. He twitched more than Tom Arnold when Roseanne was yelling at him”

“He was a good man, maybe a card or two shy of a standard deck but you could always draw in the missing cards on the jokers”

“I was moving like an epileptic on crack, shitloads of movement with no purpose”

“Zombies were coming through like holiday shoppers on Black Friday at a Best Buy with 50 inch plasma televisions on sale”

“I’d like to say there was a face-off but the zombies take that stuff way too literally”


  1. This is looking really scary *gulp* but since you are recommending it Kat, I will try to read a zombie book.. eeeeeeeeee!!!

    1. You have to try at least one! And this one is a great choice!

  2. Thank you Kat, I appreciate you taking the time to review my book!



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