30 January 2012

Review: ZombieDead by Ian Woodhead

ZombieDead by Ian Woodhead

Published: 19 December 2011

Pages: 122 (Kindle)

Genre/s: Zombie

Source: Author for review

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The rotting dead slowly clawed their way through the hard packed grave soil. The risen corpse only had one purpose, to feed on the living.

Somewhere on the welsh border; the insular village of Seeton continues its usual business unaware that the world around them is falling prey to the reanimated dead. Their routine lives are abruptly turned on their heads when a lone scientist arrives in their village with the virus close behind.

Dean Kasnovski had arrived home, his mind laden with the guilt of leaving his fellow researchers to perish in the secret laboratory hidden deep under the streets of London.

Dean is positive that a cure can be found but he’s quickly running out of time. As the villagers, departed loved ones return to feast on their warm bodies, Seeton’s surviving population direct their hate at the stranger’s in the village.

My Musings

I really enjoyed Ian Woodhead’s The Unwashed Dead when I read it in 2011, so I was pretty damn excited to start reading ZombieDead.

Opening with a group of teenage boys in the small village of Seeton descending into the sewers in an attempt to peek into the girls changing room of their local school, a cast of characters emerge that are gritty and realistic and a story of epic-creepiness begins.

Again, one of my favourite parts of Mr, Woodhead’s book are the characters – there’s no cookie-cutter nicey action-heroes here, only flawed characters that range from likeable to downright slappable.

Add in some intense zombies, a virus that reaches 6 feet under and an unlikely hero and you have all the makings of another memorable zombie tale. The action doesn’t stop throughout the story, and boundaries are pushed to their limits as the town tries to rally against the undead threat, all the while carrying on their internal politics and grudges.

ZombieDead is a short but intense ride – if you love zombies and incredibly real and believable characters, this story is perfect for you.

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  1. Ooh I want to read this! I'm hosting a Zombies vs Unicorns month in Feb and really in the zombie mood! This sounds like a really cool one! Awesome review!



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