02 February 2012

The Time Will Come (#3)

The Time Will Come is a fantastic meme hosted by Books For Company where we can feature those poor books that we brought, put on the shelf, and haven't (yet!) read.

All you have to do is:
- Pick a book you have been meaning to read
- Do a post to tell us about the book
- Link the post in the linky
- Visit the other blogs!

Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde

Published: 1 January 2009

Pages: 390 (hardcover)

Part social satire, part romance, part revolutionary thriller, Shades of Grey tells of a battle against overwhelming odds. In a society where the ability to see the higher end of the color spectrum denotes a better social standing, Eddie Russet belongs to the low-level House of Red and can see his own color—but no other. The sky, the grass, and everything in between are all just shades of grey, and must be colorized by artificial means.

Eddie's world wasn't always like this. There's evidence of a never-discussed disaster and now, many years later, technology is poor, news sporadic, the notion of change abhorrent, and nighttime is terrifying: no one can see in the dark. Everyone abides by a bizarre regime of rules and regulations, a system of merits and demerits, where punishment can result in permanent expulsion.

Eddie, who works for the Color Control Agency, might well have lived out his rose-tinted life without a hitch. But that changes when he becomes smitten with Jane, a Grey Nightseer from the dark, unlit side of the village. She shows Eddie that all is not well with the world he thinks is just and good. Together, they engage in dangerous revolutionary talk.

I brought this one nearly a year ago, based on recommendations from friends and also because I love dystopians. So why have I never read it, or even opened it (oh the shame!)? I honestly don't know - there are so many dystopians fighting for top-billing on my TBR, it just never gets a look in. I must rectify this!

What have you got hiding, unloved, screaming to be read on your shelves?


  1. I really like Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series- he has a very funny style of writing. Hope you enjoy this one when you get around to reading it at last!

  2. What a fun meme! I have never heard of this book, sounds pretty good, but it prob would have been sitting on my shelf for a while too, lol! I actually don't have many books, so all of them have at least been read more than once... except for Narnia, I've opened it 3 times and just can't get through it all, lol! I hope you get to enjoy your books soon!

  3. The complete Hunger Games and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy...*sighs*



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