09 February 2012

The Time Will Come #4

The Time Will Come is a fantastic meme hosted by Books For Company where we can feature those poor books that we brought, put on the shelf, and haven't (yet!) read.

All you have to do is:
- Pick a book you have been meaning to read
- Do a post to tell us about the book
- Link the post in the linky
- Visit the other blogs!

Wow this meme makes me feel guilty!  But at least this way the poor unloveds on my shelf get some kind of recognition!

The Well and the Mine by Gin Phillips

Published: 21 January 2008 by Hawthorne Books

Pages: 251 (paperback)

On My Shelf Since: 13 June 2010

"After she threw the baby in, nobody believed me for the longest time.
But I kept hearing the splash."

So begins The Well and the Mine, a magnificent debut novel set in 1930s Alabama. The place is Carbon Hill, a small coal-mining community, in the midst of the Depression. The Moore family, a loving brood of five, is better off than most, generous to their less fortunate neighbors. But darkness arrives at their doorstep when a mysterious woman throws a baby down the Moores' well, and the story slowly unfolds, through the alternating voices of nine-year-old Tess (who witnessed the crime); her older sister, Virgie; her brother, Jack; and her parents, Albert and Leta.

Deep south 1930s family saga/tragedy/mystery?  I love these kind of books!  So why is it still sitting unread on my shelves after nearly two years?  I have no defence for this.  None.

What's lurking in the back of your shelves??


  1. Oh, I feel very guilty, too. :( So many poor books just waiting there... LOL.

    The Well and the Mine sounds pretty good, hope you get to it soon.


  2. This is a really cool meme! I have so many books that are sitting there, waiting, that at one point I wanted to read NOW and other NOW books got in the way. I think I'll have to participate in this soon! And The Well and the Mine sounds really interesting!

    1. I decided to go ahead and participate in the meme today! Check mine out if you want! ;)

      My The Time Will Come post

  3. I did not hear of a meme like this before. Thanks to you I am participating in it this week. My Missing Book Thanx again Kat..:))



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