05 March 2012

Book Blogger Confessions #5

Book Blogger Confessions is a meme hosted by Tiger's All Consuming Books and For What It's Worth - every second Monday book bloggers can spill the beans on some juicy book blogging questions!

Let's talk about the positive side of blogging! How has blogging influenced your real life in a positive way? (not related to books or reading) Have you learned to be organized or are you more social now for example?

Book blogging has definitely helped me connect more with other readers, authors, publishers, editors - my inbox now is more than just a dumping ground for spam emails and online sale notifications!  I check my email multiple times per day now, and spend at least an hour every day answering emails, catching up on my favourite blogs, posting on Goodreads, chatting on Twitter - things I didn't do before I started book blogging!  

I don't have any readers in my 'real life' so my online life is now very important to me - talking about great books, events and just life in general!  The book blogging community is amazing, I've felt welcomed from day one, which is not what I expected - I honestly thought I'd be such a small fish in a big pond that no one would even notice me :-), and the fact that I can meet people from all over the world is also extremely cool!

I've also become more organized.  Not perfect yet (and honestly probably never will be), but I now have an organised inbox, a fairly neat list of books, and I have set routines on when I do things - rather than just when I feel like it or have a few spare minutes!


  1. OMG your reading Stolen!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
    hehe okay I also read your post too. I've also become semi organized although I'm sure I will never be as organized as possible ;-) I also really love meeting book friends since there are very few in my real life!

    1. I've actually finished reading it, and I loved it too! Especially as it is set in Australia and I've been out in the desert - made it all the more real in my head!

  2. I agree with you about the book blogging community being so welcoming. I have never found such a warm and inclusive online community! :)

  3. Yes this is an amazing community . I love the friends I have made and found such great books too.

  4. I love meeting people from all over the world. It's not even something I considered when I started but I have good "friends" in England, South Africa, Australia! It really is amazing.



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