09 March 2012

Book Tour Review: Past Lives #1: Rachel by Stephanie Abbott

Past Lives #1: Rachel by Stephanie Abbott

Published: 9 February 2012

Pages: 124 (paperback)

Genre/s: Paranormal

Source: Orangeberry Virtual Book Tours

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How many times can you die for love?

A near-fatal car crash unlocks memories from Rachel MacReady’s past life, dredging up secrets taken to the grave. And even as Rachel discovers the hidden power that is her birthright, she finds herself drawn to the reincarnates of two very different men. In that past life, both loved her. One might even have loved her to death...

My Thoughts

Past Lives #1: Rachel is a whole mix of fantasy, paranormal, romance, steam-punk and time travel all  in one action-packed little book.  When Rachel is suddenly thrust back into her former life during a serious car accident, she finds herself in 1870 and in a world of telepaths, telekinetics and pyrokinetics.  Alternating between present day and past, there is also a mystery to be unravelled....

The book starts in the midst of action and doesn't let up through the whole story.  I did find myself a little confused at the beginning as to exactly what was happening and had to go back and read it again, but once I was on board there was no getting off the train.  There are also multiple time-travel sequences and a whole bunch of characters that are introduced in quick succession (twice, due to their past lives!), so I did have to concentrate to keep them all straight - this is the kind of book best read in one sitting.

The characters are interesting, the mystery is intriguing and the action scenes pull you in and don't let you go. The passages concerning the characters paranormal powers is particularly bewitching - correctly harnessing your power as a pyrokinetic is a dangerous business!

Past Lives #1: Rachel is well written and a great start to what promises to be a great series.  If you love magic and time travel with a little bit of romance thrown in for good measure, this could just be the series for you.


  1. Great review Kat! I'll have to check this one out! Thank you so much for following me :)

  2. sounds realy cool
    gr8 review



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