16 April 2012

Book Blogger Confessions #8

Book Blogger Confessions is a meme hosted by Tiger's All Consuming Books and For What It's Worth - every second Monday book bloggers spill the beans on some juicy book blogging questions!

Review/Guest post requests: Do you have a review request policy? Has it changed over time? How do you handle requests that don’t meet your criteria?In the past, what types of "pitches" have caught your attention? Are there any (non-specific) examples of requests that are off-putting to you as a blogger?

When I first started blogging I accepted EVERYTHING I was offered by authors. And then one day I woke up and realised I'd completely over-committed myself to reading books that didn't even really appeal to me all that much. My review policy has changed several times over the six months I've been blogging - I now only accept my top genres, and even then I don't accept all of them.

I don't always reply to requests, which I know is incredibly rude, but I just don't have the time. I do TRY and reply as much as possible - and if I have to refuse a request, I just explain why the book doesn't appeal to me, thank them for taking the time to approach me, and if I can, point them in the direction of someone I know that may find the book more to their taste.

If a requester makes the effort to find out more about me personally, or my blog, I'm far more likely to consider their request. My About Me page is prominent - 30 seconds to do a bit of research will get you a long way :-).  I hate generic pitches - at least take the time to find out my NAME (it's all over my blog!) and for the love of Pete, spell my name CORRECTLY! Another of my pet peeves are requests along the line of:

Dear Kat, I'd love you to read my book, The Greatest Book ever. Thanks, the Author.

Tell me about your book, why you think I'd love it, what you think about my blog, and leave me Amazon/Goodreads/your blog links. I like to do a bit of research before accepting your book, but I don't want to have to try and hunt it down on Amazon myself (I'm lazy, I admit it!). Be friendly, polite and understand that although I may love to read and review your book before the release date in two weeks, it's difficult for me to change my commitments both in and out of blog-land. I still have to pay my bills :-).


  1. I used to accept everything too. I got so overwhelmed.
    I hate saying no but at this point I have to turn down things that might even interest me just due to lack of time.
    I agree - the miles long email is horrible but the one line request is just as bad. ;-)

  2. I too accepted everything. i think it's a newbie thing and we eventually wise up. I agree with a lot of your thoughts. AND, I love your blog name!!!!!

  3. I know exactly what you mean, it doesn't take long to give a quick look to someones About Me or Review Policy page. It is clearly stated on my review policy that I am not currently accepting review requests and yet I still get them all the time and that bugs me! ;)

    On a side note, did you just redesign your blog? It looks great! :D

  4. I don't really think it's rude to not respond to an email when you're not interested in the book. I don't usually respond but honestly, the ones I'm not interested in are often the ones where the author's request was rude anyway. My name is not ''Pocket'' nor it is it ''Nicole''! Or their book is not even an age-group I read. Nothing about my blog suggests I read adult non-fiction history books. :)

    I think most people make the mistake of accepting everything at the beginning. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of people actually wanting to send you their book.

  5. I've definitely gotten more selective with review requests. I love to read but when I feel I have to read a certain book because the tour is coming up too often, then I get turned off. I try to balance review requests with books of my own or library books.

    In my review policy I state that I may not respond to all requests, but I will get back to you if I am interested. I feel this gives me an out for not responding to those requests that don't meet my requirements.

  6. I too accepted everything too but agree that I have gotten selective with requests. Its a hobby and not a job LOL

  7. I agree with your answer completely. Though I still find it difficult to refuse review requests, I'm too polite. :(

    I find it better not to reply to the request than refuse out front.



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