06 April 2012

F is for Flood (A-Z Challenge)

F is for Flood

After we’ve screwed up the earth for so long, global-warming gets its own back and melts those polar ice-caps like an icecream on a hot day. The whole world is going to feel the impact of this one – starting with low-lying areas and going as high as the author (and the science) allows.

Scenario: You’ll need to build this one up with some science, but depending on your intended audience, it’s either a massive sell with a lot of back-up or more generalized. I’m not a science lover, so for me you could pretty much convince me based on news-related evidence. Other readers are going to pick a lot of holes in the story if you don’t cover all your bases. Once you’ve got that part down, impact and survival are your next steps.

Characters: Scientists, average-Joe, survivalists, government all work here or even a combination of some or all of these. An all-government character focus is extremely risky (most government people aren’t that likeable let’s be honest – and I can say that, I used to work for them!) Clueless characters also make good cannon-fodder.

Location: Global warming could be focused locally, but as the impact is world-wide here is your perfect opportunity to include government wheeling and dealing. The geographical variety also allows a longer story – those tropical islands are doomed from day one, but how high would the water really rise? Who will be the last man standing atop of Mt Everest?

Series or stand-alone:
Global warming is either going to be one mahoosive stand-alone, or a series.

Recommended by me

Flood (Flood #1) by Stephen Baxter

Published: 17 July 2008 by Gollancz

Pages: 536

Next year. Sea levels begin to rise. The change is far more rapid than any climate change predictions; metres a year. Within two years London, only 15 metres above the sea, is drowned. New York follows, the Pope gives his last adress from the Vatican, Mecca disappears beneaths the waves. Where is all the water coming from? Scientists estimate that the earth was formed with seas 30 times in volume their current levels. Most of that water was burnt off by the sun but some was locked in the earth's mantle. For the tip of Everest to disappear beneath the waters would require the seas to triple their volume. That amount of water is still much less than 1% of the earth's volume. And somehow it is being released. The world is drowning. The biblical flood has returned. And the rate of increase is building all the time. Mankind is on the run, heading for high ground. Nuclear submarines prowl through clouds of corpses rising from drowned cities, populations are decimated and finally the dreadful truth is known. Before 50 years have passed there will be nowhere left to run. FLOOD tells the story of mankind's final years on earth. The stories of a small group of people caught up in the struggle to survive are woven into a tale of unimaginable global disaster. And the hope offered for a unlucky few by a second great ark . . .


The Drowned World by J.G. Ballard

Published: 1962

Pages: 176 (paperback)

In the 21st century, fluctuations in solar radiation have caused the ice-caps to melt and the seas to rise. Global temperatures have climbed, and civilization has retreated to the Arctic and Antarctic circles. London is a city now inundated by a primeval swamp, to which an expedition travels to record the flora and fauna of this new Triassic Age.


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