02 April 2012

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? (#13)

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? is a meme hosted by Book Journey and is a great way for others to find out what you are planning to read this week and, best of all, see what others are reading.

What I read last week
(reviews for all are coming up in the next two weeks)

The Mistake by Wendy James
Men Don't Matter? by Jayelle Hughes
Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
The Zona by Nathan L. Yocum
Surviving the Angel of Death by Eva Mozes Kor 

What I'm Reading This Week

I'm actually in a kind of unique situation for me - I'm NOT in the middle of a whole bunch of books!  But this is what I'm planning on reading:
Swipe by Evan Angler
The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch

Otherwise I'm just gonna play this week by ear!

Anyone else just have a week where they read whatever they feel like, rather than just for reviews or book clubs every now and then?

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  1. Looking forward to your reviews of these books. I am almost finished The Waiting Booth , by Brinda Berry and then I am diving into Immortal Rules and River Crossed.

  2. I should have bought The Eleventh Plague while it was on sale! It looks like such a good read and now I'm seeing it everywhere.
    Happy Reading Kat :D
    Here's what I'm reading this week :)

    -Kimberly @ Turning The Pages

  3. Interesting list of books. I try to read what ever I want when every I want, because I really can't resist a book if it's calling to me, even if I'm supposed to be reading something else.

  4. Yay - so glad I discovered your blog - now a subscriber :-) I read Anna Dressed in Blood and really liked it - what did you think of it?

    1. It was sooooo creepy - I loved it! My review is later in April!

  5. I really liked Anna Dressed in Blood. Ready for the next one! Kinda creepy - and I hated it when they killed the cat - but the story itself was pretty good!

    Happy Reading This Week!!!

    It's Monday! What Are You Reading @ the Brunette Librarian's Blog

    1. It was creepy without being gruesome, which wasn't what I was expecting - I thought it would have been far 'softer'.

  6. HI Kat!

    I knew you were Australian but not that you were from Tasmania until I read your competition page- I think it's really cool- you're the only book blogger I know who was born here! It's awesome!
    Oh, thanks! ( :
    Aagh- you're really missing out with Divergent, though I recommend buying Insurgent and having it handy. I adored that book... can't wait for Insurgent either!
    I'm interested in reading Anna Dressed in Blood, but it sounds a little creepy- especially after reading your above comment!
    Thanks for entering my competition! Good luck!



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