20 April 2012

R is for Readiness (A-Z Challenge)

R is for Readiness

So, are you prepared for the apocalypse? Got a few cases of bottled water, some dried foods stocks in the basement? What about medical supplies - a few plasters and some painkillers probably aren't going to be enough to combat some serious injuries. Or batteries, torches, a generator, solar panels? Gas stove, a sturdy vehicle?

Survivalist guides to any kind of emergency ranging from pandemic to zombapocalypse are thick on the ground - serious, funny, tongue-in-cheek or a mixture of all three, if you are interested in some basic, or even more complex survival skills there are a lot of books, websites and forums out there to help you along the way.

Some of the most popular guides are the zombie guides - how to kill the living dead, avoid the deadheads, build yourself a nice fortress or even fight back and take back some ground for humankind. And I've read quite a few - some made me want to take a nap, some had me giggling and others had me looking around my living room for the most lethal makeshift weapon I could find (a lamp stand, or the tube of the vacuum cleaner - yeah, I'm dead).

Here are two of my personal favourites (the tongue-in-cheek/serious kind of course!)

The Official Zombie Handbook: Australia by Sean T. Page

Published: 30 June 2011 by Severed Press

Pages: 200 (paperback)

Read the synopsis and my review here

Get into the head of a zombie with this one!

So Now You're a Zombie by John Austin

Published: 1 October 2010

Pages: 145 (paperback)

Read my review here


  1. I guess that I am in trouble that I do not have anything like that. With all the preppers out there it will be interesting how far they will go with storage and saving of the food.

  2. Okay guys, you totally need to head to my house. I'll be the last person on Earth to have Girl Scout Cookies should the zombie apocalypse occur. ;-)



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