26 April 2012

W is for Weapons (A-Z Challenge)

W is for Weapons

In every apocalyptic scenario weapons are a necessity.  Whether taking head shots at zombies with a high-powered gun, fighting off scavengers or raiders after an earthquake or volcanic eruption, or shooting animals for food after an EMP or during an ice-age, you’re going to need some weapons.

Guns are good but not always the best choice – zombies will be drawn by the sound of gunfire, vampires need silver bullets and a flood is not going to be kind to your trusty sidearm.  Other favourites include baseball bats, rebar or if you’re really talented, a cross-bow.

How much detail should you go into with your weapons?  That’s a tough question because every reader has differing degrees of interest.  Personally, if you tell me someone is carrying a gun that is good at long range and will kill zombies or raiders that’s enough for me.  Others will want to know the type/make/colour of the gun – but if you’re going into that much detail do your research well – gun enthusiasts/military-types will have a field day picking apart your book if you describe weapons that aren’t easily available to the public, or *gasp* don’t even exist.

Picking a quirky weapon for your main character will open your book up to debate.  By this I mean that apocalyptic fiction enthusiasts, particularly of the zombie variety love to discuss weapon choices – pick something unique and it may even be referenced back to your book on a forum or review site!

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  1. Awesome. I totally agree on not needing, or perhaps even wanting, much detail. Tell me what it is and how it works, if it's weird, and that is good enough.

    I love katanas. Just another reason The Immortal Rules was awesome. haha



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