27 May 2012

Join The Aussie Zombie's Army! I Need You!

Boys and girls, bloggers, readers, authors - I'm in need of some help!  Over the past weeks I've noticed I'm lacking something here at The Aussie Zombie - features!  I have reviews coming out the wazoo, memes for every occassion, but I don't have any of the other fun stuff - interviews and guest posts!

So I've set a goal for myself for the second half of 2012 to have more of that fun stuff - but for that I need your help.

Last year I started a series of Blogger/Reader Interviews, but I'm all out of victims volunteers!  I had an absolute blast last time around, so I'm looking for some more bloggers to participate.  Interviews will consist of what interviews normally consist of, a short series of questions, and the opportunity to include other information about yourself, your blog, things you love (or hate) about blogging, resources and anything else that you think is helpful for others.

Authors - I've got review books up to my eyeballs, but I want more interviews and guest posts - plus it's an opportunity to get the spotlight on your books, your blogs, other projects you have going on - anything you can think of.

And then the last, and biggest request *gulp* - I'm looking for Associate Reviewers.  Now, I've always been pretty damn proud that all the reviews here are mine, but with my promotion at work came extra responsibility, and therefore I can't guarantee that I will be able to read and review as often as I would like.

There's lots of variations on 'guest reviewers', so instead of a long list of requirements, I've drawn up a Q&A (fancy, huh!).

Do I need a blog to be an Associate Reviewer?  Nope!  And unlike some guest reviewer requirements, I don't mind if you DO have a blog and you cross post, just that your review is scheduled for posting on the same day, not earlier than here.  And of course, each review will link back to your blog if you are a blogger.

Do I need to know fancy-schmantzy HTML or anything?  Not at all - the whole idea is that you will send me the text of the review and I will create the post in line with my normal formatting.

Are you only looking for certain genres for reviews?  Although my passion is zombie/horror/PA, you'll notice there's a lot of variety in what I read and review - therefore anything is fair game, as long as it's a book I'd be interested in reading myself!

Will you provide the books for review?  No.  It might be that I'm asked to review a book and I may then ask if you are interested in reviewing it (with the author/publicists consent), but books won't be provided for you to read.

Do I need to write a certain amount of reviews a week/month?  No - this is why I'm looking for a couple of Associate Reviewers - whenever you want to contribute you can, but there's no obligation or deadlines.

Join The Aussie Zombie's Army today - help me bring more books to the brains by clicking here to apply!


  1. This sounds like a lot of fun. Normally I don't apply for these, but for some reason, I really wanted to apply for yours!

    I think your purple background just calls to me. ;)

  2. I would be willing to let you interview me if you want to. :-p



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