08 May 2012

Review: The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

The Hunt (The Hunt #1) by Andrew Fukuda

Published: 8 May 2012 by St. Martin's Griffin

Pages: 293 (hardcover)

Genre/s: Young Adult, Post-Apocalyptic, Paranormal

Source: Publisher for review

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Don’t Sweat. Don’t Laugh. Don’t draw attention to yourself. And most of all, whatever you do, do not fall in love with one of them.

Gene is different from everyone else around him. He can’t run with lightning speed, sunlight doesn’t hurt him and he doesn’t have an unquenchable lust for blood. Gene is a human, and he knows the rules. Keep the truth a secret. It’s the only way to stay alive in a world of night—a world where humans are considered a delicacy and hunted for their blood.

When he’s chosen for a once in a lifetime opportunity to hunt the last remaining humans, Gene’s carefully constructed life begins to crumble around him. He’s thrust into the path of a girl who makes him feel things he never thought possible—and into a ruthless pack of hunters whose suspicions about his true nature are growing. Now that Gene has finally found something worth fighting for, his need to survive is stronger than ever—but is it worth the cost of his humanity?

My Thoughts

I'm loving the current batch of male lead characters in YA - and Gene is a great addition to the bunch.  As one of the last surviving humans alive in a vampire-ruled world, he has to adjust every part of his 'normal' behaviour in order to blend in with the vampires that surround him every day.  To slip up, even in the smallest way, such a sneezing or missing a spot when shaving can mean the end of his life, so he chooses to isolate himself as much as possible from everyone.

Now I know there are going to be some vampire 'purists' out there which find the mannerisms of the vampires in The Hunt quite odd - but for me I love a bit of unique, and this book certainly delivers.  It also adds to the creepiness, especially when the vampires are 'feeding'.

The Hunt is written in 'edge-of-your-seat' style - the action sequences are excellent, and the story moves along as a fair pace, even in the middle when the tension is still being built.

I had a few teeny niggles with this book though, firstly there's no mention of how the world came to be ruled by vampires and how Gene manages to come up with razors for shaving (for example) and secondly that one of the twists in the plot I guessed far before it actually happened.  But really, that's not enough to spoil my enjoyment in this book.

If you're looking for a unique read in the vampire genre, with good pacing and great action sequences, I can highly recommend The Hunt.


  1. I thought this was a fun adventures, but the world building was definitely lacking, in this one anyway. Hopefully, he can do more of that in the next one.

    1. It certainly has a lot of potential - maybe it's just a warm up, I'll be looking forward to the next book!

  2. This one looks so good! I'm dying to read this one, and I'm glad someone I know liked it :) If you liked it so much than I'll absolutely give it a try :)
    -Kimberly @ Turning The Pages

  3. Yep, armpit sex is definitely unique I'll give you that! *stabby stabby book of evil!*

  4. Have you read the teaser for the short The Lightning Storm? It's a story that takes place before the events in this book and gives a little bit more insight into Gene. If you can find it, I suggest reading it.

  5. Ah, I love fast-paced books. I am going to read it this week for the Bout of Books Read-a-thon. :)

  6. The Hunt does an excellent job of balancing its unexpected concept with an action-packed plot. Not only that, but I never felt like one element of the story or setting completely overtook the entire thing. The dystopian overtones were well-balanced by the somewhat supernatural feel and the romance is realistic and not overdone.



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