05 June 2012

Review: The Judas Syndrome by Michael Poeltl

The Judas Syndrome (The Judas Syndrome #1) by Michael Poeltl

Published: 29 July 2009

Pages: 184 (paperback)

Genre/s: Post Apocalyptic

Source: Own library

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Synopsis (Goodreads)

In a world devastated by an apocalyptic event,
the bonds of friendship are tested in the haze of
unrelenting depression, and paranoia.

Will you know who your friends are?

The Judas Syndrome is a frightening portrait of a possible future end.

Joel and his friends are on the verge of graduation and excited and optimistic about their futures. But when they return from a camping trip in the remote woodlands to find themselves faced with a post-apocalyptic world, their daily lives acquire burdens and terrors hitherto unexperienced.

Why This Book Appealed To Me

A group of teenagers struggle for survival in a world radically changed by a post-apocalyptic event. Like I could pass this one up!

My Thoughts

I love post-apocalyptic books, and the idea of a group of teenagers being left alone after a seemingly worldwide nuclear terrorist attack to fend for themselves is a story-line made in my personal book heaven. And in the beginning they react exactly as you would expect a group of teenagers to react thrust into a scary, rapidly changing world - they pretty much go on a permanent bender (hey, I'm sure it wouldn't just be teenagers overindulging in the face of the extinction of humanity!).

And in some ways, The Judas Syndrome is a perfect reflection of just how people would act in such circumstances, but there are a few parts of the book that I struggled with. Firstly, sure, these kids have had experience in the outdoors, but they also seem to know one hell of a lot about defending themselves and how to use weapons with deadly accuracy. There are also some passages of dialogue that don't particularly ring true (like the use of words such as 'pertaining' and 'vessel' to describe a body)- they sound far more mature and use far more complicated words than I would expect of a group of heavy-drinking, drug-smoking kids.

But about half-way through The Judas Syndrome I got really sucked in - as events inside and outside the house start to spiral out of control, emotions run high and shocking decisions are made. Suddenly the pace of the story picked up considerably, and like driving past a car crash, I just couldn't look away.

In short, the storyline itself is unique and interesting, but there are a few details in the execution that need a little more fine-tuning.

The Ending

Wide open for the next book in the series, which I'm looking forward to reading as I get the distinct feeling this story is going to get a lot more interesting as the series progresses.

Recommended For

Post apocalyptic lovers. Once you get past the first half of the book, it's a great story.

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