30 June 2012

Review: Zomblog by T.W. Brown

Zomblog by T.W. Brown

Published: January 2010

Pages: 262

Genre/s: Zombie

Source: Own library

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Synopsis (Goodreads)

Samuel Todd is a regular guy: ...Failed husband... ...Loving father... ...Dutiful worker... ...Aspiring rockstar. He had no idea if anyone would care, or take the time, to read his daily blog entries about his late night observations. But what started as an open monologue of his day-to-day life became a running journal of the firsthand account detailing the rising of the dead.

My Thoughts

Zomblog is the story of a guy who finds himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Nothing new there, but Sam is no action hero - he's just an average kind of guy, divorced with a teenage daughter and an easy going lifestyle playing with his band and works delivering newspapers. Told in the form of a blog/journal, Zomblog is the story of his journey through a world filled with the undead and the best and worst of humanity.

Telling a story in journal format is risky - the reader needs to really connect with the main character, empathise with them and cheer for them....and this is where I had my first issue with Zomblog. Sam is an average guy and Hooray! I love average-guy characters in zombie books. I don't want an instant action hero or someone who figures out how to make a grenade with a paperclip and some gum. My problem is, he's TOO average. There's nothing that made me feel connected to him as a character, despite the personal devastation he went through. Even now, after very recently finishing the book, there's nothing that I can actually remember about him that would make him stand out.

I also found the seemingly pointless wandering around the country, in search of nothing, more than a little disjointing. Sure, if the world was taken over by the living dead, you'd move around some - but it seemed like there was no destination or goal in mind.

Zomblog is an intensively cynical book - there are some really depraved scenes and ideas depicted in the story, which may be exactly what would go down during a zombie apocalypse, but even though I'm also cynical by nature, I need some kind of redeeming features in such a bleak landscape.

There are some unique ideas in Zomblog which I haven't seen explored before, and an unexpected twist about 2/3 of the way through that really grabbed my attention, but overall I just couldn't enjoy this book.


  1. Kat,

    You raise some very good points. While it is never fun to read a review that is unfavorable, I do understand that is a hazard of the business. However, I have two offers to extend. First--Zomblog is a series. The twist you refer to...she is the narrator in book 2. I will gladly provide you with an ecopy in the format of your choice with the understanding that you may dislike it and subject me to another negative review, but as I said, that is part of being a writer. Second--my other series, starting with Dead: The Ugly Beginning may (or may not) be something you enjoy. Book 1 is going to be free on Amazon the 2nd and 3rd of July. It is character heavy (some people like that aspect, others do not) and designed to be a 12 part series. So, I hope you might consider it.

    In any case, I still want to thank you for a very detailed and well thought out review. I will be following your blog from now on.


    TW Brown

  2. wow... how wonderful of the author to offer that after a 2* review... Todd is an awesome and brutal author... glad to see he turns that eye on himself. I can see by your review of ZB2 that you got into it!
    The Dead series is amazing so I look forward to your reviews on that too....



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