03 June 2012

The Sunday Session #6

Welcome to The Sunday Session! A Sunday Session is an Australian tradition usually held in pubs on a Sunday afternoon where people feeling a bit 'fragile' from a big weekend can listen to some chilled out music, have a late lunch, catch up with friends and maybe indulge in a little hair-of-the-dog. Usually on a Sunday I mooch about, read blogs, check out new releases and book news and just generally do SFA - so what better opportunity to look back at the past week's reading, posts and the new books I've picked up and see what's coming up this week!

Wow it's been a HUGE week for me - lots of things going on, all of them fun!

- Firstly, I launched my Book Blog Survey & giveaway!
- I'm looking for some bloggers, reviews and authors to join The Aussie Zombie Army.
- The Midsummer Dream Fair began on June 1 - giveaways galore and unicorns!
- My opinions on being an International Book Blogger.

Other posts this week:
Review: Fracture by Megan Miranda
Review: Meat by Joseph D'Lacey

After last week's book abstinence, I've got some new arrivals!

Big Frog by Rob Badcock
The Promise by Lesley Pearse
The Sinking of the Titanic by Bruce Caplan
Wave by Wil Mara
Dark Seduction by Shaun Jeffrey
Allison Hewitt is Trapped by Madeleine Roux
The Hidden Legacy of World War II by Carol Schultz Vento
Love Is a Wounded Soldier by Blaine Reimer
Seep by J. Eric Laing
Solstice by Donna Burgess

Next week promises to be just as big as last week!

Armchair BEA starts on June 4 and I'll be participating.
Book Blogger Confessions #11 - How I Choose My Next Read
Reviews: The Judas Syndrome by Michael Poeltl, The Living Dead Boy and the Zombie Hunters by Rhiannon Frater and Zombie Night in Canada by Jamie Friesen

So, link me up to your book hauls, weekly wrap ups, whatever - I want to see your goodies!


  1. Great week for you, Kat! ;) Alison Hewitt and Solstice both look really good! Enjoy!

  2. Ohhh ... yay, I see you got a Shaun Jeffrey book!! I've read almost all his books so far, and cannot wait to get my hands on the three novellas which he published this year (but with that book buying ban and all *sigh*) - he also wrote one zombie novel "Deadfall" which is really good! And of course the Prosper Snow thrillers ... *shudders* (but in a good way)

    1. I read Deadfall last year actually (there's a review lurking in my archive somewhere!), and I was SO impressed - I've already got The Kult to read too.

  3. Big Frog sounds like an interesting read! Wave sounds good too - I was totally drawn in by the lighthouse on the cover (for some reason I love lighthouses and windmills!), and it sounds intriguing, if a little scary! Happy reading! :)

    1. I'm looking forward to Wave - love those kind of books!

  4. It's the accent... I can listen to you all day just for your accent. I took note on some of the books you got, I might end up getting some of those for myself by EOD.


    1. LOL it's such a mish-mash of Aussie and English now, people are forever asking me exactly WHERE I'm from. Maybe I should do the next one in a Steve-Irwin-esque accent!

  5. You got a lot of interesting books. Solstice and The Dark Seduction look like awesome reads.

    Thanks for stopping by,
    @ Livin' Life Through Books

  6. Thanks for picking up Seep. Hope you enjoy the read.

    All the best,





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