20 June 2012

The World Ends on Wednesdays - More Zombies Than You Can Poke a Stick At

Now, you guys know I love zombies. If you don't know that, well....

Anyway, this week I want to highlight some of my favourite Zombie review websites, because there's no such thing as too many Zombies! These websites review books, movies, products, the whole lot - so there's something for everyone!

Firstly, three brain-munching, zombie-hugging book lovers!

Giselle @ Xpresso Reads - As well as being an awesome book blogger who can read books at the speed of light, she's a hardcore zombie lady!

Ashley @ The Bookish Brunette - The Zombie Queen herself, with a wicked sense of humor and some amazingly awesome Zombie graphics!

Kristin @ Blood Sweat and Books - Kristin loves Zombies so much she even has a weekly feature called Zurvival Saturday - books, movies, the whole lot!

And then, if Zombie books aren't enough - maybe you need some movies, t-shirts, accessories or games to go with your new fetish!

BuyZombie.com - My favorite go-to sites for anything and everything zombie!

But what if the world doesn't end with the walking dead?

Then here's a great directory that takes in all aspects of post-apocalyptic survival - there's die hard survivalists, reviewers, speculators and authors galore, as well as a forum and live chat environment - PostApoc.net

Do you know any other amazing zombie-loving book reviewers, or are you one yourself? Leave me a link!


  1. Awesome, just found another person to follow, thank you!I'm getting into zombies now :)

  2. I love, love my zombies!!! Can't get enough of them!!

  3. Haha. I love this! I love Giselle and Ashley. I am definitely going to have to follow Kristin now.



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