17 July 2012

My Opinion - What About the Nice Authors?

It seems that 2012 will go down in book blogging history as the year that everyone got their knickers in a twist, forgot their meds or simply sniffed far too many marker pens.

But with all the bullshit, what about the authors who do the right thing?

Now I believe I'm in the minority when I say that I don't mind authors commenting on my reviews of their books - provided it's polite and appropriate of course. And I have to share a recent experience I had with an author, that's gone a long way to restoring my faith in the author-blogger relationship.

I posted a review of a book that I didn't particularly enjoy. And when I woke up the following day, I had an email saying the author had left a comment. It may be a sad reflection of the current hate-hate situation that my heart automatically sank and I felt a little ill. Was this going to be the dreaded snarky or downright nasty comment that I've so far managed to steer clear of?

Well, colour me surprised, the comment was mature, respectful and level-headed. The author thanked me for my review, acknowledged that I made some good points and offered me a copy of the second book in the series if I wished. A few days later he commented on a discussion post, again in a mature, respectful way. I emailed him and said I would take him up on his offer to read the second book in the series.

If you think I was surprised the first time, here's the real :-O moment. He didn't email me back with the book - he read my review policy, WAITED until I was accepting ebooks for review again, and then submitted the request through my review request page, despite the fact that he actually had my (non published) email address.

THIS is the kind of behavior that authors who want to have a good relationship with bloggers should use as an example. Respectful, polite and non-assuming. And what did this cost the author? Nothing. What does he gain? I'm going to read that book, for better or worse, and review it honestly.

And all of this just adds to my pissed offedness about the whole current arsehole author trend - because instead of us being focused on the authors that do the RIGHT thing, these dickheads with overblown egos and exaggerated senses of self importance are getting all our attention.

Bottom line? Play nice. Respect each other. Don't be an arsehole.


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    1. Unless he was a better snarker than me - in that case, more power to him ;-)

  2. That's very good to hear. I recently got into this whole Blogging gig and I just recently heard about what has been going on. It's kind of shocking. I mean, what do these people expect? You put out any kind of mass media and you should be prepared for the reactions to it.

    I personally like all the bloggers I've met in this short time and looking forward to continue blogging with them in the future.

    Either way, I'm very glad it's not all authors and I'm glad to hear you had a good experience from it.

    1. The vast majority of authors are nice, grown-up, professionals. It's just a few idiots that ruin it for everyone else.

      It irritates me no end to think that this is the impression that new bloggers are getting - this is just pure crazy!

  3. Thanks for pionting out that there are (many) honest and nice authors out there. We all love to read and I love interacting with authors. Until now (and I hope it will stay this way) I had wonderful experiences with interacting with authors and I would not miss those for the world.
    Sadly only the negative experiences get told. SO thank you Kat for sharing your positive experience. :)

    1. That's why I had to post this - everyone is just seeing the ugly side of author-blogger relationships, and the vast majority of authors are amazing, generous, friendly people.

  4. Awww, what a nice story. That guy was so polite! Yeah, I think people do sometimes forget that there are nice authors out there. I've gotten to where I don't tweet the author if my review isn't at least a four, even though 3 and 3.5 are in no way bad ratings, and 2.5 isn't awful. It's just hard to say when an author might take offense.

    I have had an author find my non-tweeted to them review with 3 stars and be complimentary. Thank heavens for authors that get it!

    1. I've had the same kind of experience - even a simple 'thank you' makes my day!

  5. I love when authors comment on my reviews, I've only had one negative experience with an author and that was when I was updating my progress feed on Goodreads and I wrote that the book was boring thus far (I was only 80 pages in and it was really confusing and I had to force myself to not get sidetracked) and I didn't really know what was going on. I was then contacted by the author who told me she'd like it if I did not review her book and quit the tour as well as the book tour company and told that I was being immature. However I finished the book and gave it a fair rating of three stars but since then I have not done any tours with the company and I will not be reading the author ever again. It's my update feed and for them to tell me not to rate it and or review it was out of line in my opinion.

    I'm glad to know that are still authors out there that respect the bloggers and I think that a lot of them have to grow a thick skin and realize people will have differing opinions on their books. I mean its not rocket science. Writers are generally voracious readers...its like when it comes to their books they forget that fact but when they read they post their opions on other books just like bloggers.
    -Kimberly @ Turning The Pages

    1. ''Writers are generally voracious readers...its like when it comes to their books they forget that fact but when they read they post their opions on other books just like bloggers.''

      Exactly! Show me someone that loves every single book they've ever read and I'll show you a fibber ;)

      And the behaviour you mentioned - not ok!

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    1. I echo that sentiment. That some nice author in your example, Kat. With all this drama llamas going on, we shouldn't forget about the nice authors. Hear, hear to the nice authors!

  7. I love that! It's definitely too easy to forget about the awesome authors out there in the middle of all the crazy drama. I wish it'd all end and just let the rest of the year play out nicely o:



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