07 July 2012

Review: A Note of Madness by Tabitha Suzuma

A Note of Madness (Flynn Laukonen #1) by Tabitha Suzuma

Published: 1 March 2007 by Definitions

Pages: 320 (paperback)

Genre/s: YA, Mental Health

Source: Own library

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Synopsis (Goodreads)

Life as a student is good for Flynn. As one of the top pianists at the Royal College of Music, he has been put forward for an important concert, the opportunity of a lifetime. But beneath the surface, things are changing. On a good day he feels full of energy and life, but on a bad day being alive is worse than being dead. Sometimes he wants to compose and practice all night, at other times he can't get out of bed. With the pressure of the forthcoming concert and the growing concern of his family and friends, emotions come to a head. Sometimes things can only get worse before they get better.

My Thoughts
If you remember a few months ago, I read Ms. Suzuma's book, Forbidden (you can read my review here) - which was the first book I've ever read that made me cry (not just a bit of moisture, full on tears!). Immediately I went to see what other work she had published, and picked up A Note of Madness, her debut novel.

I knew from the beginning this book would be another tough read, but it was so worthwhile. Ms. Suzuma writes with an intensity that is impossible to walk away from - I was incredibly emotionally invested in this book right from the beginning.

Flynn is the kind of character that you just want to reach through the pages and comfort, and as family and friends try their best to reach out and help him, I could feel their hopelessness and concern. As Flynn's mental health fluctuates, so does the pacing - as a reader I felt like I was right inside his head, experiencing his highs and lows, emotions and experiences.

It wasn't until I finished reading and read some more about Ms Suzuma herself that I found out that mental illness is one of her own personal struggles, which makes me love this book even more - it is truly a work from the heart.

If the subject matter of Forbidden is one step too far for you, I strongly recommend that you read A Note of Madness instead - it's emotional, compelling and you will be incredibly touched by Flynn's story.


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  2. You really make me want to read some Tabitha Suzuma. If only it would magically appear in my tbr pile. Haha. BEA dominates all things right now.



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