06 July 2012

TGIF - Comfort Reads

It's Friday! And that means it's TGIF at GReads!

And this week's TGIF is: Comfort Reads: Which books do you go to for comfort & familiarity? Is there a type of book you seek out when you're needing that extra bit of comfort in your life?

I read a huge variety of books - horror, paranormal, romance, non-fiction, historical, but there's one genre that is my fall back when everything comes a little bit overwhelming, and that's Historical Fiction.

Historical Fiction is the genre I began reading when I was a teen - romance, mystery, family sagas, you name it, I devoured it. Over time (and age!), my tastes became more varied, but Historical Fiction is still the place where I go when I'm feeling sick, stressed or burnt-out on reading all those other genres that jostle for first place on my TBR pile.

Why do I find it comforting? Historical Fiction can be light, quick reads, or they can be heavy, immersing reads and when I'm reading a historical fiction I can shut out the world around me. I'm endlessly fascinated by history, how people lived, how they behaved and the challenges they faced.

And my most memorable Historical Fiction is The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullogh. I remember reading a condensed version in one of my late grandmother's Readers Digest volumes when I was about 12 or 13, and as soon as I finished reading it, going to the library and checking out the full length version and reading it all over again. And after returning it to the library I went and bought a copy of my own and read it to death - I even bought yet another copy when I moved to the Netherlands just so I could have it on hand to read again.

What genres do you turn to when you need a comfort read?


  1. Historical Fiction is one of my favourite genres, but for comfort reads it is really romance that I turn to!

  2. I love historical fiction! I haven't read in this genre as much as I should, but I really need to.

    Hmm. I think my comfort read is probably fantasy. Terry Brook's Shannara series is one that I devoured throughout middle school. The world is wonderful and it feels like home. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure I was a Druid in a past life.

  3. I absolutely LOVED The Thorn Birds! I'm glad you mentioned it, because I really should re-read it. First read it about 20 years ago!



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