08 August 2012

Book Blog Survey Part 2 - Our Habits

Onto Part Two of the Book Blog Survey results!

If you missed the first part, which was about our demographics, you can read it here: Book Blogger Survey - The Results Are In

How Many Books Per Week?
So, we love reading and books - but just how much do we read? Well with 175 respondents, I did a little averaging. We read, as a group, more than 23,000 books a year! Yes, 23,000! Individually, the results came out like this:
Less than 1 = 6%
One to Three = 72%
Four to Six = 20%
Seven to Ten = 1%
More than Ten = 1% (there was just one respondent with this answer - teach me how to speed read, oh great one!)

Book Formats*

It would have been very interesting to see the results of a similar question 2 or 3 years ago. But with the explosion of Kindle, Sony, Nook and all those other fabulous reading devices, we read many different formats! 

Paperback/Hardback = 97%
Kindle/Mobi = 50%
Epub = 40%
PDF = 46% (kudos guys, I HATE reading PDFs! Do you read on your laptop? Double kudos!)

*Multiple choice answers were allowed on this question

Self Pub or No?

With recent events changing how some people choose the books they read, this is a question that I was really interested to see the results for. 

How Often Do You Read Self-Pubbed Books?

As much as possible = 4%
Often = 31%
Rarely = 59%
Never = 9%

So happy to see that people are reading indie books on a regular basis. And anyone who hasn't tried one yet, go find a freebie/cheapie on Amazon and give it a go - you could be missing out on some fantastic books!

And lastly for this weeks' installment - social networking! Which social networks do we use at least once a week*

Goodreads = 93%
Facebook = 81%
Twitter = 80%
Pinterest = 26%
Other = 11%
Formspring = 5%
Triberr = 3% (yeah, I still don't know how this works!)
MobileRead = 1%

Other included Tumblr and BookMooch.

*Multiple choice answers allowed

That's Part Two - what we read, how we read and how much we LOVE social networks.  Next week, the real fun begins - Blogging Interaction!

Any thoughts on this info?  Are you surprised by the e-reading numbers or Indie books?


  1. Would the person capable of reading more than ten books a week please stand up? I mean, seriously, where do some folks take the time from ... :-D

    BTW I now have two eReaders, a Kindle and one for "the rest" (all the other formats) and I can view both epubs and pdfs on that one without problem. I heard that Kindle doesn't digest pdfs all that well, but I haven't tried it out yet. Reading on the computer itself? Hate it, which is why I got an eReader in the first place.

    1. Oh to be an insomniac! No such luck.

      I bought my Sony reader specifically for PDFs, but the resize option is awful! Now I have a Tablet, I read most PDFs on that.

  2. I'm with Birgit...I so envy those that can read so many books in a week. I'm happy to be in the 1-3 books range!!

    1. At the moment even three books makes me happy! We need to find this person and get all their secrets ;-)

  3. Wow. Ten books a week. I thought I read a lot. Apparently not.

    1. After our Twitter conversation last night I thought it might have been YOU ;-)

  4. Sad to see the Formspring number so low!
    Sometimes I feel like I read to slow, but with an average of 2-3 books per week, it's great to see that I'm in the normal range. Thanks for taking the time to do these surveys, they were fantastic!



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