15 August 2012

Book Blog Survey Part Three - Blog Interaction

Now we get to the really interesting stuff - especially for me as a blogger, these were some of the things that I was REALLY curious about - Interaction!

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Following the Blogger Brick Road

What Are Your Preferred Methods for Following Blogs*

GFC = 80%
Twitter = 55%
Email = 32%
Facebook = 29%
RSS = 21%
Other = 7%

Interesting - GFC is the way I prefer to show my support for a blog, because it's an 'in your face' kind of number. But when I started blogging, I never realised how popular Twitter is as a way of following - it confuzzled me at first, but now I'm among the proud legions of Twitter Addicts!

*Multiple choice as there are multiple ways to follow!

How Often Do You Visit Blogs

Daily = 84%
2-3 times per week = 14%
Weekly = 2%

Blog Addicts Annonymous anyone? ;-)

Comment Love

I love comments - they stop me from feeling I'm talking to a wall!  But how much do we show the love to everyone?

How Many Comments Per Week do you make on blogs?

More than 20 = 15%
10-19 per week = 24%
1-10 per week = 44%
Rarely = 17%

It seems we have a lot to say. But if anyone that answered 'rarely' would like to elaborate on why they don't often comment, I'd love to know (I don't bite!) :-D

Quality or Quantity

Thinking about your favourite blogs - how often do you like them to post?

More than once per day = 4%
As long as the content is good, I don't care! = 41%
Daily = 32%
2-3 times per week = 23%
Weekly = 1%

Do you know how many times a blogger has said they feel like they need to post every day? Well, it seems like for the most part it doesn't actually matter to everyone else - if your content is good, you don't have to post every day! (Bloggers, you can stop freaking out if you don't have a post for tomorrow yet!)

Layout and Format

Bloggers spend hours playing with their layouts - well I know I spend a few hours every month tweaking stuff (and sometimes many more hours fixing what I screwed up when tweaking!). So, what's really important in a blog design?

I don't like light text on dark backgrounds = 43% (the irony that this blog started as white text on a black background doesn't escape me!)
I like reading About Me pages = 43%
On my first visit, I like to look back through the archives = 42%
I prefer two column layouts = 39%
The first thing I look for is how to follow = 38%
I prefer three column layouts = 17%
I always read review/giveaway/privacy policies = 15%

So, in summary, make your following options obvious, your background light and your text dark, have an About Me page (knowing the person behind the blog is important), and have your archives easily accessible!
Missing In Action

Bloggers take breaks for a variety of reasons - life happens, we need a break, or we smack up against that big slump. So how long is it until people lose interest?

If a blog stops posting, how long until you consider unfollowing them?

I never unfollow! = 43% (bless you all!)
More than 8 weeks = 27%
4-8 weeks = 15%
2-4 weeks = 14%
1 week = 1% (you are a harsh cookie!)

Coming up next week - Part Four - Likes, Dislikes and Wishes

Any surprises here? I love the quality over quantity results!


  1. Darn it ... I like my light text on dark background layout *grumbles*.

    The unfollowing stats are interesting too. Of course to never unfollow doesn't make a whole lot of sense in case a blogger just disappears from the face of the earth, right? Well, maybe that's just me.

    And once again I'm reminded that I should comment more often, I mean, it's not like I'd never comment, but sometimes I just don't have the time and will just browse through the list of blogs I follow, read a bit here and there, and that's it. I promise to be a better commenter! Oh look, I just commented!!

    1. One step at a time, Birgit - you don't want comment burn out ;-)

      Honestly, light text on dark background has never bothered me, but obviously we're minorities!

  2. Awww.... my blog is light text on a dark background.... I guess I'll have to think of changing it.

    Oh, for comments, well, I catch up on blog posts through googlereader, so I normally don't get out of the reader to comment. I'm trying to make more of an effort and comment on posts that I really like/have something to share though!


    1. I catch up on blog posts through googlereader too - and then I feel a bit lazy that I've let my starred posts build up for a while and don't bother going back to comment.

  3. This is such a fantastic survey, great insight!

  4. Wow 1% are harsh. I only unfollow if it has been months since content has been updated.

    1. There's a comment that I'll be posting in the final week that reflects pretty much how I determine who to un-follow, and it's all about communication!

  5. I love reading the results of this survey! I have been quite bad at posting lately, so it's nice to know that lots of people are quite patient, or are happy to see less posts of better quality. GFC is by far my preferred way of following people, quite often I miss things on Twitter, and I like to have everything in my Google reader - although like someone said above, sometimes that means I forgot to leave comments. I must work on that!

    1. I think people that view through Googlereader for example don't even notice that a blog hasn't been updated every day. It may be more obvious for those organised people who go through a list of bookmarks!

  6. I don't unfollow inactive blogs, because it doesn't hurt to keep following. It also lets me know if they decide to become active again!

    As for commenting, I use to be a rare commenter, only because our internet was dial-up slow (but not dial up!) so it just took too long to load the page and comment, since I read all posts in Google Reader.

    1. Dial up? Whoa, no wonder you didn't comment - blogs that take too long to load don't get my comments either!



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