22 August 2012

Book Blog Survey Results Part Four - Likes, Dislikes & Wishlists

Ok, time for part four, and the really juicy bits. So what do we like about blogs, what do we dislike and what do we want more of?!

If you missed them the first time, you can read:

What We Love

Author Interviews = 5%
Book Gossip* = 11%
Book Reviews = 40%
Discussion Posts = 10%
Giveaways = 48%
Guest Posts = 1%
Memes = 4%
Other** = 4%

Not surprisingly, we love giveaways - and I know bloggers LOVE hosting giveaways - what better way to share the book love?! 

*Book Gossip = Cover reveals, trailers, release lists etc.
** I'll be sharing some of the comments from 'Other' in next weeks post.

What We Don't Love So Much

Book Reviews = 1% (I really hope you just clicked the wrong answer (-: )
Author Interviews = 7%
Guest Posts = 12%
Discussion Posts = 17%
Memes = 28%
Book Gossip = 17%
Other = 18%
Giveaways = 0%

I'm not the biggest fan of memes myself, although I do participate in a few!

We Want More!*

Giveaways = 92%
Book Reviews = 69%
Book Gossip = 66%
Discussion Features = 66%
Author Interviews = 63%
Guest Posts = 30%
Memes = 21%
Other = 13%

I think this one is pretty conclusive - giveaways, reviews and book talk are what we all want, and why we are here!

*Multiple choice question

Review Preferences*

Writing reviews is tricky - it's a delicate balance. So what kinds of reviews do people enjoy the most?

Long reviews = 36%

Short reviews = 72%
Serious reviews = 37%
Funny reviews = 61%
Reviews with minor spoilers = 28%

Reviews with no spoilers = 53%

So, I'm off to write some short, funny reviews with NO spoilers!

*Multiple choice question 

Sharing the Love

I LOVE hosting giveaways, but I'm always curious as to what kind of giveaways people actually like the most. I feel lazy posting 'choose your own' giveaways, because I want to give people the opportunity to read books I've loved, or live through me and read the books I can't get to.

I only enter giveaways for books I really want = 74% - I love this!
I prefer choose your own prize giveaways = 65% (laziness rewarded!)
I don't like giveaways that require following the blog = 5%
I don't like having to post a comment, or answer a question, to enter = 27%
None of the above = 7%

That's Part Four - any surprises? Bloggers, does it give you some good information, or inspiration?

Next week is the finale - Part Five - To Blog or Not to Blog and some awesome comments that I want to share!


  1. Good thing that people prefer short reviews as mine usually are short and I am not really fond of scrolling down the page for what seems like forever as there's no end to a review. Rule of thumb: if your review is longer than the book you're doing it wrong *lol*.

    It's also interesting to see what is preferred in giveaways. I would have thought there'd be more who don't like having to follow a blog to be eligible to enter a giveaway. I guess those 5% are the unfollowers we all fear.

  2. Love your charts and this is my favorite in your little series. I agree with short reviews being my preference as we'll, I have a short attention span esp when I'm blog hopping.



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