01 August 2012

Book Blogger Survey - The Results Are In - Part One

On May 29 I opened a book blog survey, which ran through until last night. The goal of this survey was to find out what you, book bloggers, readers and authors, really think about book blogging – what you like, what you don’t like, what you want to see more of, and who you are!

Although the information is incredibly valuable to me as a book blogger, I want to share the results with you all!

Firstly and most importantly I want to thank everyone that responded – all 175 of you! I really didn’t think I would get so many responses, and you all gave some amazing input and some amazing ideas that I would never have thought of myself. To everyone that left me a comment about my blog, huge big non-zombie hugs to you all! Your support means so much to me!

So, for the first set of ‘results’ I’m going to share the demographic data:

Who We Are*

31% are non-bloggers. So jealous of the extra time you guys have to actually READ ;-)

66% are book bloggers. Big up to my fellow book bloggers!

7% are other bloggers – fashion designers, graphic designers, just to name a couple. THIS I think is awesome!

2% are authors – our rock stars!

*The numbers are slightly over 100% as there a few multi-taskers out there! I have double admiration for you guys!
We Are a Global Community*

50% of respondents are from North America

26% of respondents are from Europe

12% of respondents are from Asia

8% of respondents are from Australia

2% of respondents are from South America

The only continent that had no respondents was Africa. If there are any African readers lurking, wave now!

*There was a ‘prefer not to answer’ option.

Girl Power
97% of respondents are female.  I’m not surprised that we are in the vast majority, but I was expecting a few more of those rare creatures to pop up ;-)

Age Is Just a Number
One of the things that I’ve always loved most about reading is that it doesn’t matter how young you are!

14% of respondents are under 18. Honestly, you guys, I don’t know how you do it – reading, blogging AND school?

46% of respondents are 18-25

16% of respondents are 26-30

13% of respondents are 31-37

11% are 38 or older or preferred not to answer (totally want that option in real life!)

Busy Bees 

48% of respondents are students – honestly, I don’t know how you guys manage to fit everything in!

29% of respondents work either full or part time – high five to my fellow wage slaves ;-)

9% are full time mothers – an extra big kudos to you all – you all have my admiration!

So now that we know who are are, where we come from, and what we do, next week will be looking at our habits - what we read, how much we read, and how we stalk follow people! 

Are these the results you would expect, or are there any surprises?

 Oh, and in case you are wondering, giveaway winners will be emailed today :-D


  1. I love numbers! And pie charts! Looking forward to your next instalment of results :D

  2. yes i curious about the next results

  3. wow, those results are awesome. Love seeing who we are :)
    Thanks for sharing

  4. This is really interesting, I'm excited to see the rest of the results! Great idea, and I'm glad you got so many people to join in. :)

  5. Wow, super interesting! I'm surprised that so many of us are students!

  6. Some of it matches up with your site demographics, but some of it doesn't.

    But then again, your site demographics are different than I have seen before.




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