19 August 2012

Showcase Sunday #2

Showcase Sunday is hosted by the fabulous Vicky of Books, Biscuits and Tea and it's all about sharing the books we've received in the last week - bought, begged or borrowed!

After last week's binge, I've got a much smaller showcase this week:

Contagious by Emily Goodwin
Mad World: Epidemic by Samaire Provost
City of Whispers by Katherine Sorin

Wow, it's all looking a bit end-of-the-world ish in here.

What did you get this week? Link me up!


  1. It's nice to have small book piles once in awhile, Kat, so you can catch up on your reading :) Enjoy all!

  2. Nice, they all definitely look interesting yet creepy at the same time. I hope you enjoy reading them!

  3. I agree with Kara...I panic a little when I get round to listing them up if there are loads. I only read 3 or 4 a week so I shouldn't really be letting myself get more than that (though those evil publishers keep sending me stuff).

  4. Awesome haul this week! You always get such lovely books to read. I have already added a few of these to my TBR list.
    Happy Reading,
    My Sunday Edition @ Paulette’s Papers

  5. Three my favourite number so I say smaller's better :-) I haven't heard of any of them, but I like the sketch of the buildings from the ground up for the cover of City of Whispers.
    Enjoy :)
    Katja @ YA's the Word

  6. Sometimes small is good, but at least you have a lot from last week to keep you going ;) I haven't heard of any of these, but I love the covers. Enjoy! =)
    My SS:

  7. I'm so happy that this week is a smaller haul - stops me from feeling quite so overwhelmed!

    There be zombies in them thar books!

  8. Don't you love when things look end-of-the-world ish in your haul? I do!

    Here's mine!



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