01 September 2012

Review: Frozen by Mary Casanova

Frozen by Mary Casanova

Published: 1 September 2012 by University of Minnesota Press

Pages: 264 (hardcover)

Genre/s: Historical Fiction, YA

Source: Publisher for review

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Synopsis (Goodreads)

Sixteen-year-old Sadie Rose hasn’t said a word in eleven years—ever since the day she was found lying in a snowbank during a howling storm. Like her voice, her memories of her mother and what happened that night were frozen.
Sadie Rose’s search for her personal truth is laid against a swirling historical drama—a time of prohibition and women winning the right to vote, political corruption, and a fevered fight over the area’s wilderness between a charismatic, unyielding, powerful industrialist and a quiet man battling to save the wide, wild forests and waters of northernmost Minnesota. Frozen is a suspenseful, moving testimonial to the haves and the have-nots, to the power of family and memory, and to the extraordinary strength of a young woman who has lost her voice in nearly every way—but is utterly determined to find it again.

My Thoughts

Frozen is a mix of historical fiction, coming-of-age and mystery, set in 1920s Minnesota.  The setting, the characters and the story make for a haunting, lyrical story as Sadie Rose's past is gradually revealed through the return of her memories from childhood.

Dotted throughout the book there are also references to the early wilderness preservation movement, prohibition and the suffragette movement, all of which Sadie finds herself part of. Although the pacing of Frozen is quite slow, it is steady and allows the characters and their relationships to intimately develop.  

I liked Sadie as a character - she was tenacious without being overbearing, curious and clever, and I really wanted her to find what she was looking for.  The secondary characters, Hans and Aasta, Owen, Trinity play an important part in Sadie's story and give her the strength and courage to move forward in her life.

I did enjoy reading Frozen, and the gradual revealing of Sadie's story, her interactions with the variety of characters that came into her life, but I did find the ending a little fast, in comparison with the rest of the book.
Frozen fed my historical fiction craving, and I learnt a little bit along the way too.


  1. You know this reminds me a lot of The House of Spirits by Isabelle Allende. It was a movie too with MStreep and WRyder.

  2. What an intriguing premise, sounds like a really likeable heroine too. Great review!



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