02 November 2012

Audiobook Friday #5 - Review: Drop Dead Gorgeous by Wayne Simmons

Drop Dead Gorgeous by Wayne Simmons

Published: 1 February 2011 by Snowbooks

Pages: 260 (paperback)

Genre/s: Zombie, Horror

Source: Own library

Audiobook published: 9 August 2012 by Audible

Narrated by: Melanie MacHugh

Length: 8 hours and 44 minutes

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As tattoo artist Star begins to ink her first client on a spring Sunday morning, something goes horribly wrong with the world... Belfast's hungover lapse into a deeper sleep than normal, their sudden deaths causing an unholy mess of crashing cars, smoldering televisions and falling aircraft. In the chaotic aftermath a group of post-apocalyptic survivors search for purpose in a devastated city. Ageing DJ Sean Magee and shifty-eyed Barry Rogan find drunken solace in a hotel bar. Ex-IRA operative Mairead Burns and RIR soldier Roy Beggs form an uneasy alliance to rebuild community life. Elsewhere, a mysterious Preacher Man lures shivering survivors out of the shadows with a promise of redemption. Choked by the smell of death, Ireland's remaining few begin the journey toward a new life, fear and desperation giving rise to new tensions and dark old habits. But a new threat--as gorgeous as it is deadly--creeps slowly out of lifes wreckage. Fueled by feral hunger and a thirst for chaos, the corpses of the beautiful are rising.

My Thoughts

From the moment I started listening to Drop Dead Gorgeous, I was hooked. Apart from the fact that the story moves along at a good pace, the narration was so good AND with an Irish accent (despite intensive Googling and stalking I cannot find out if the narrator actually is Irish) the scene was perfectly set for an intense post-apocalyptic zombie story.

There is a large cast of characters, some of which don't make it to the end of the book, plus flashes of characters that don't play a pivotal part of the story. One that particularly sticks in my mind is the man who was in hospital at the time of the event - with no one to care for him, and being unable to move he slowly, and very painfully dies in his bed.

Of the characters that do play a big part in the book, the star of the show, tattoo artist Star is fantastically hard-core - with a murky past, a passion for tattooing and an up-yours kind of attitude, I thought she was an awesome main character.

But Drop Dead Gorgeous is more than just a blood-bathed zombie story - there's also two characters who should, and mostly do, hate each other with a burning passion - Mairead and Roy. I loved their dynamic, and their ability to come together and almost put their differences on the back-burner made for a unique twist.

Drop Dead Gorgeous moves at a fast pace, even during 'down periods' of establishing survivor communities and the flashes between one group and another are done well for the most part, although at times it was a little jolting. It's always harder to tell in an audiobook when the scene is going to switch, so I would think in the print version this isn't so much of an issue.

The ending did feel a little bit rushed after the long build up, but it was exactly what I want in a zombie novel - gory, gritty and more than a little bit shocking. 


  1. Oooh, you had me at Irish accent! Awesome! This sounds so much fun!

  2. Oooh, I like the sound of this one, Kat! Any kind of accent is a sure bet for me, like, always! I'm hopping over to Amazon right now to order the audio version. Soooo excited!

    1. I love Irish accents, it made listening to this even more fun! Enjoy!



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