15 November 2012

Review: Blood Fugue by Joseph D'Lacey

Blood Fugue by Joseph D'Lacey

Expected Publication: 16 November 2012 by Proxima Books / Salt Publishing

Pages: 272 (paperback)

Genre/s: Horror

Source: Publisher for review

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Reclusive outdoorsman, Jimmy Kerrigan, finds himself battling a vampiric plague which threatens to destroy Hobson’s Valley, the isolated mountain community he calls home. When his family, friends and neighbours fall prey to the ‘Fugue’, Kerrigan is the only one who can save them and prevent the disease spreading beyond the remote town’s boundaries.

Kerrigan is challenged beyond his limits when an innocent family of outsiders hikes straight into a wilderness crawling with Fugues – a wilderness he is responsible for. Can he really save them and protect the town? Can he defeat the creature who has caused the Fugue to mutate? And, most crucially, when he learns the horrifying truth about his own infection, will he even have the strength to try?

My Thoughts

My first introduction to Joseph D'Lacey was his eco-horror novel, Meat. I listened to it on audiobook the first time around, and I was so entranced by it that I ended up purchasing and reading the print version a year or so later. So when I was given an opportunity via Joseph and his publisher, Salt Publishing, to read and review his latest book, Blood Fugue, I was so keen to get started I pushed all my other reading aside and read it immediately.

Blood Fugue is definitely not for the faint hearted. Although it appears the idea came from vapiric lore, this is vampires on crack - they're big, bad, and very very ugly. I've always loved a good horror novel - the gorier and more shocking the better - and Blood Fugue delivered on every single level. This is not a novel for the faint hearted or easily squeamish, but it's certainly one for readers who love to scare the absolute crap out of themselves.

One issue I've found in the past with horror novels set around a small town is that there is so much going on with the plot that character development tends to fall a little to the side. But in Blood Fugue, Joseph D'Lacey has created characters that are believable and very easily identifiable. From the main character, Jimmy, whose reclusive yet caring nature makes him a natural lead for the story, through to his on and off girlfriend Amy, his parents and the few townspeople that have more than a cameo appearance, every single character stands out in their own right.

The plot itself seems straightforward, but there are quite a few twists that I didn't see coming, and Mr. D'Lacey isn't afraid to kill characters off which makes the story even more creepy and unpredictable. The tension runs high and the pace makes for a real page turner. The ending wasn't rushed at all, and I really was on the edge of my seat through the final chapters and ended on that perfect note of an almost completed story with just the right amount of teaser that made me a little more afraid of what lurks in the dark.

If you love horror that doesn't hold anything back with great, three-dimensional characters, unique plots and some scary-arse monsters, pick up a book by Joseph D'Lacey - his stories are inventive, terrifying and oh-so-good - horror at its very best.


  1. Ew... that cover. I really love horror, but to me horror is not about the gore, so I'm not sure this one would be for me. I'm happy it hit every mark for you! There's nothing better than reading a book that feels as though it was just for you.

  2. Gaaaah, I don't know if I can read this. I really can't look at that cover. eeeeeeesh. You are clearly made of sterner stuff than I am, thus why you are the zombie queen and I am not.

  3. This sounds every bit like the story I hoped 'The Strain' would be, so I will definitely be reading this one. I like my horror unpredictable and gory. And might I add... that cover is incredibly creepy. In fact, I might have nightmares. Like, seriously. So amazing.



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