19 November 2012

Review: Latter-Day of the Dead by Kevin Krohn

Latter-Day of the Dead by Kevin Krohn

Published: 10 March 2012

Pages: 182 (paperback)

Genre/s: Zombie

Source: Own library

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Harrowing cries escaped the contorted faces of our flock. End of Days was a known truth but never a faced reality. Once the madness broke...we feared it would never subside.

My Thoughts

I picked up Latter-Day of the Dead after reading a fantastic review by Kayla at Bibliophilia, Please. Plus, it's a zombie story set in a polygamist community - two things that really grab my interest - zombies and religious cults.

As well as being a zombie story, Latter-Day of the Dead is an intimiate, intricate look into the world of a radical Mormon community. Opening with a scene in a local strip-joint, the story quickly moves back to the community and as the virus takes hold, the community leaders at first refuse to believe what is happening and quickly turn to believing the virus is a sign of the devil possessing their families.

Elias is the community doctor, and one of the few members of the community who has allowed to study in the big, bad outside world. He's an intriguing character that despite his exposure to the rest of the world has remained true to his communities beliefs. There was only one thing I didn't really like about him, and that was his habit of expressing strong emotions by saying something along the lines of ''If I could use two words to describe it, it would be 'really' and 'annoying'''.

The other members of the community are incredibly believable in their words and actions, particularly the head of the family who treated his wives as nothing more than human shields when the shit really hit the fan.

The language used by the characters, and in the writing itself, was incredibly realistic and a perfect fit for the old-fashioned and radical ideas of the community. The spread of the virus through the community realistically used all the 'normal' emotions from denial through to radical ideas on how to deal with the infected. One thing that I particularly liked was the way that townspeople dealt with patient zero - the method they used to stop him from biting others was unique as well as being pretty effective. I'm marking that one down in my zombie survival list!

Latter-Day of the Dead has a great balance of story-telling, characterisation and world-building along with the pre-requisite zombie gore.

Although it's a short book, I really enjoyed Latter-Day of the Dead with it's unique story-line, kooky characters and well-researched setting.


  1. Oooh I like the blend in this one too! The cover is just so... creepy holy crap. The covers on your blog haunt me, Kat! LOL I love it! This one definitely sounds like one that I could really enjoy.

  2. Yay! *dances* I am SO glad that you liked this book! I was worried about it since you read so many zombie books, but I really wanted to know your thoughts on it. Now I'm going to have to go back and reread how they disabled the original zombie. (I swear I have the memory of a ninety year old woman.)

  3. That is one strikingly creepy cover and the story sounds pretty interesting too.

  4. Gah! Another cover that horrifies me. It's getting to where I need liquid courage before stopping by your blog. :-p

  5. The Latter-Day of the Dead paperback is now only 3.00! eBook $1.99!

    - Kevin



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