10 December 2012

Review: Tommy Nightmare by J.L. Bryan

Tommy Nightmare (The Paranormals #2) by J.L. Bryan

Published: 10 April 2011

Pages: 284 (ebook)

Genre/s: Paranormal, Young Adult (mature)

Source: Own library

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Disclaimer: This is my review of the second book in the series and therefore may contain spoilers of Jenny Pox.  You can read my review of Jenny Pox here.


While Fallen Oak recovers from the Jenny pox, someone new is hunting Jenny.

Like Jenny, Ashleigh Goodling belonged to a pair of opposites with powers that mirror each other.

Now Jenny and Seth must face the opposite of love...

My Thoughts

I loved the first book in J.L. Bryan's The Paranormals Series, Jenny Pox. With a unique storyline and fabulous characters, most especially Jenny who is incredibly easy to like and empathise with, I was completely enthralled.

With Tommy Nightmare, J.L. Bryan has taken a bunch of characters I loved, and hated, in the first book and put them back into the mix as well as introducing more characters into the story, increasing the paranormal aspect of the book and creating a more obvious connection between all the characters across their multiple lifetimes.

Tommy is the first new character, and the almost-star-of-the-show, that is introduced in a prologue where as small child he is mistreated by an abusive and radically religious foster father. Tommy's ability is fear, and he uses it to get what he wants, and to get himself out of the trouble he seems to inevitably find himself in.

I assumed, incorrectly, that Jenny and Seth wouldn't play such a big part in Tommy's story, but as the story progressed, the focus was equally on Tommy and his new friends, and on Jenny and Seth. Jenny is still the realistic character that she was in the first book. Although she is plagued by self-doubt and more than a dash of self-loathing, J.L. Bryan writes her in a way that didn't make me want to tell her to grow a pair, it made me sympathise with her even more as things happen that are completely out of her control. Her relationship with Seth is also facing some very adult problems which makes it even more realistic.

Tommy Nightmare felt much darker than Jenny Pox, and the stakes are definitely raised as the story progresses and more of the history of The Paranormals emerges throughout the book. There are flashes of Jenny's far far distant past, and there are more and more abilities turning up all the time (including something to do with my walking-dead buddies, yeah!).

I didn't quite love Tommy Nightmare as much as I loved Jenny Pox, and I think in part that's to do with the fact that Tommy isn't really a likable character although I know it wasn't the authors intention to make him into a good guy. However, Tommy Nightmare ends on a climatic note that really makes me want to read the next book in the series, Alexander Death.

In a world awash with paranormal story-lines, J.L. Bryan has taken a unique idea and turned it into a fantastic series of books, with realistic, likable and despicable characters and multiple twists and turns.


  1. I need to read these!

    Seriously, though, what's up with that cover?

  2. For starters, can I just say, this book was published on my birthday. So by default, it HAS to be amazing. Secondly, I trust your judgement implicitly, so yeah, it HAS to be amazing. Paranormal stuff is just the best (after zombies, of course)!

    1. I actually wasn't a fan of paranormal until very recently, but I love this series, it's so unique!

  3. I have these on my Kindle and they have been there forever but they are left neglected. I loved J.L.'s fairy series and think I will definitely love these ones. They sound so dark and I love all the different characters. Great review!

    1. They are completely fab. I wish I could read them all back to back!



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