06 January 2013

Showcase Sunday #19

Showcase Sunday is hosted by the fabulous Vicky at Books, Biscuits and Tea and is all about sharing our new books - beg, borrowed or bought.

This is what greeted me every single day for the last week:

(Except for some bills, but I'm ignoring those)

Yep, for nearly the first time ever, I have absolutely NO new books this week. Which also means I've read more than I've accumulated, hurrah!

So rather than spending all my monies, I wrapped up 2012 and decided on a few goals for 2013, made some book resolutions for Top Ten Tuesday, waited on an awesome-sounding book on Wednesday, posted my review of Jonathan Maberry's Rot & Ruin, stalked some Audiobooks on Friday and gushed over Every Day by David Levithan.

Books Read Last Week
Garden of Stones by Sophie Littlefield
Revolution 19 by Gregg Rosenblum
14 by Peter Clines

Currently Reading
The Madman's Daughter (The Madman's Daughter #1) by Megan Shephard
Apocalypse of the Dead (Dead City #2) by Joe McKinney
A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

What fabulousness did you get this week?


  1. Bugger, no books, you must have strong willpower, because I can't seem to stop buying books lately. Happy reading!

    Katie ~ My Mailbox

    1. I was shocked! Normally I find all kinds of things on my Kindle, but this week, absolutely nothing!

  2. Well done, Kat! Is The Madman's Daughter really good? I've heard some great reviews on this book? Have a lovely week! :)

  3. Oh, you're reading The Madman's Daughter! Cool! That looks good! I read the first Dead City book - hope book 2 is good for you! <3

  4. It's a double edged sword isn't it. Great to make progress on the TBR but still a little bit sad not to get book-shaped post.

  5. Every Day was awesome! And what willpower to not pick up anything this week! Good for you...I need more weeks like that if I ever want to catch up! HA like that will ever happen!

  6. I've actually been to a few empty hauls this week! You were not the only one. I totally ignore the bills too! bahaha

  7. I loved Rot and Ruin and have the other two books sitting in my tbr pile, I have to get some ARC's out of the way and then in March I am going at my tbr pile for the entire month!

  8. Well done for not buying and catching up on what you already have! Hope you're enjoying A Game of Thrones :)

  9. I really need to have a week that looks like yours lol.

    Here's my Showcase Sunday!

  10. Uh oh for no books but sometimes it's better to catch up. Madman's daughter! Are you liking it?



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