08 March 2013

Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: I Am Alive by Cameron Jace

I Am Alive (I Am Alive #1) by Cameron Jace

Published: 23 May 2012

Genre/s: YA, Dystopian

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Every girl dies - not every girl really lives.

Sixteen-year-old Decca Tenderstone feels captivated when she meets gorgeous and reckless Leo, who is arrogant, silent, beautiful, and shoots almost every one he meets.

the usual boring girl meets badboy story... hmm... with a twist ...

They live in a dystopian future in Los Angeles where every sixteen-year-old is ranked on a scale from one to ten to determine their future. Outranks, who are considered a danger to society, are forced to attend the Monster Show, a brutal sacrificing ritual that is broadcasted worldwide on live TV, where rebellious teens are labelled Bad Kidz or Monsters and get to fight for their lives in deadly games.

To prove that you're still alive you have to scream I Am Alive every six hours. Lower your voice, and you're dead.

Deccaa doesn't need Leo's company. She has a secret of her own. While they both can't stand each other, she will find out why she doesn't fit into any rank.

Nothing will stand in her way as she has to make choices concerning love, life, staying alive, growing up, and finding out who she really is.

My Thoughts

From the moment I read the synopsis of I Am Alive I knew I wanted to read it – dystopian society, ranking scales and a game where teenagers fight for their lives? It’s like a mash up of every dystopian book that I’ve ever enjoyed, with a bit of romance thrown in for good measure. And I Am Alive certainly didn’t disappoint.

Decca definitely has some secrets, and in the course of the book more and more of them emerge as she fights for her life in a society where you are judged on your potential to be a ‘good’ person in a variety of ways. I really liked her toughness but also her vulnerability, especially when it comes to the people she cares about. Coupled with a great sarcastic sense of humour and an ability to quickly adapt to the situation she finds herself in, she was a great character to ride along with.

The pace of I Am Alive is pretty much full-throttle the whole way through and right from the first page I was intrigued to find out exactly what would happen, and as more of the world was revealed I was more and more hooked in the story. Along with some very imaginative plot lines (genetically modified tigers anyone?!), the action scenes were a great mixture of tension and intensity.

I found the world-building both fun and fascinating and fully appreciated the author’s ability to be both serious and a little bit cliché at the same time. Along with the plot itself being a well-done mixture of dystopian key elements, there are also some fun takes on pop culture and history that I found almost amusing as well as being relevant to the story.

There were a couple of moments that I was confused by what was happening, and the characters are not completely developed (although this is understandable for a first book in a series) and one section where the editing needed a little bit of work, but overall I really enjoyed this fast-paced dystopian with some fun elements thrown in. The ending in particular really stuck with me, so much so that I dreamed I was in that world myself the night after finishing the book….

About the Author

Wonderlander, Neverlander, Unicorn-chaser, enchanter, musician, survived a coma, & totally awesome. Sometimes I tell stories. Always luv the little monsters I write young adult paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and science fiction mostly. The Grimm Diaries series is a seven book saga that deals with retellings of fairy tales from a young adult POV - it connects most of the fairy tales together and claims to be the truth about fairy tales. I live in San Fransisco and seriously think circles are way cooler than triangles.

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  1. The concept for this one is almost Hunger Games meets Battle Royale with the kids having to kill one another in a fight for survival. Though there might be some cliches, you almost come to expect it with how overdone the genre's become. Regardless, the premise still sounds really cool and I have a feeling this will be a fun one to read. Stellar review, Kat!



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