22 March 2013

Review: High Moor 2 - Moonstruck by Graeme Reynolds

High Moor II - Moonstruck (High Moor #2) by Graeme Reynolds

Expected Publication: 27 March 2013

Pages: 354 (Kindle)

Genre/s: Horror, Paranormal

Source: Author for review

As the second book in the series, this review may contain spoilers of the first book - my review of High Moor.


The people of High Moor are united in horror at the latest tragedy to befall their small town. As dawn breaks, the town is left to count the cost and mourn its dead, while breathing a collective sigh of relief. 

John Simpson, the apparent perpetrator of the horrific murders, is in police custody. The nightmare is over.

Isn't it?

Detective Inspector Phil Fletcher and his partner, Constable Olivia Garner, have started to uncover some unsettling evidence during their investigations of John Simpson’s past - evidence that supports his impossible claims: that he is a werewolf, and will transform on the next full moon to kill again.
However a new threat is now lurking in the shadows. A mysterious group have arrived in High Moor, determined to keep the existence of werewolves hidden.

And they will do anything to protect their secret. Anything at all…

My Thoughts

High Moor was one of the first books I read for my blog, way back at the end of 2011, and it's stuck with me since.  I love a good horror story, and High Moor was also my introduction to the world of werewolves - and not the friendly kind that live in paranormal romances.  Along with the delicious horror of the story, it was also the way that Mr. Reynolds bought the location alive that impressed me so much and so I was really excited to see how the story continued.

Beginning with a chilling prologue that perfectly sets the scene and the feel for the whole book, High Moor 2 - Moonstruck pulled me in right from the beginning.  I didn't make any attempt to refresh myself with the plot or characters, and without need for a major recap, everything came flooding back as I read through the first few chapters.

There are a variety of characters, but the focus is around two main groups, and one individual, John Simpson.  I was happy to see characters from the first book making a reappearance, along with some new, and intriguing characters that really bought an extra dimension to the story.

As with the first book, the location really comes through in the telling of the story - each setting is easily visualised without needing large passages of description, and writing action scenes are obviously Mr. Reynolds' forte as they are fast-paced yet easy to follow and the atmosphere is perfect - dark and creepy and exactly how I like my horror stories.  

High Moor 2 is not for the faint of heart - with werewolves like these, there are several bloody fight scenes and a very dark atmosphere that makes this a true horror story.  There is a lot more that I would love to say - I don't want to spoil it for anyone that may be interested in reading this series, but there are also other elements that added an extra dimension to the story and really have me curious as to where things will go in the next installment.

I love reading horror, particularly from UK-based authors, and Mr. Reynolds is now firmly one of my favourites, and I can't wait to see what he writes next.

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  1. Ooh you know me and my love of horror (which is why we get along so well! ;)) so this def. sounds right up my alley! I don't even know what my first book read for my blog was now I'm curious >.<



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