29 May 2013

Armchair BEA Day 2: Genre Fiction

It's never too late to join Armchair BEA - and you can do it in your pajamas, onesie or even naked if you want to ;-)

For years the only genres I read were historical fiction and non-fiction, and the occassional literary fiction.  I still love these genres, and they'll always hold a special place for me, but boy how things have changed.

When I first moved to the Netherlands in 2008 I discovered to my absolute joy that I could now buy from Amazon without having to consider selling my soul to pay the shipping costs!  And then in 2009 I discovered e-readers and suddenly I went from spending up to 35 bucks on a single book to being able to buy 5 or 6 or even 10 books for the same price and not have to worry about my floor collapsing from the weight of all those books on my shelves.

It was then that I discovered post-apocalyptic and zombie books.  At the time, they really weren't all that popular but I fell completely head-over heels for the genre.  Survival, action, romance, drama, blood 'n' guts - pretty much anything goes and everything is always a little bit unique or different.  I love them so much that it was the inspiration for my blog name!  And if you want to try zombies, or find a new zombie book, I even have a recommendation page (look up!).

However, even though I love historical fiction, and zombies, book blogging introduced me to a whole bunch of new genres too, specifically Young Adult.  As a teen I never ever read books aimed at my age group, but it was the 1990s so the market was definitely nothing like it is today.  Now, although I've discovered a new love in YA, I'm still reading adult books, I need the variety otherwise I get in a rut and no one wants that :(

How about you, has something triggered a change in your genre-preferences?  Do you stick to what you love, or mix it up?


  1. I love zombie fiction! I don't read enough of it, but what I do read I enjoy. Historical fiction is a genre I haven't really branched out into, but some of the books look appealing, so I'll have to look into them a bit more. :D

  2. It's great that ereaders allowed you to access more books for less!

    I don't think anything has triggered a change, but there have been gradual shifts.

  3. I have to admit I have never ever read a zombie fiction. would you have one to recommend as a beginner? Would The Graveyard book be in that category? I do plan to read this!

  4. Love zombies! And YA zombies are the BEST! Enjoy!

  5. Finding out the genre even exists is one way to switch genres. But apocalyptic fiction is too broad to really call a genre to itself anyway.

  6. Post-apocalyptic and zombie books are amazing. I don't care if it's adult or YA or whatever, if it has zombies I will read it.

  7. I think blogging in general changed the genres I read. Before I started I didn't really read very much YA and I definitely didn't like reading contemporary unless it was of the 'literary' nature, but now I read it all. I'm much more willing to take those chances now that I have a ton of great recommendations.

  8. a few years ago my friend picked up a larissa ione paranormal romance book at target (of all places). she read it and loved and then i read it and loved it. totally opened up a new world of romance, paranormal romance, fantasy...

    i'll read pretty much anything that looks good but these genres just weren't in my train of thought most of the time. thank goodness for impulse buys.

    fishgirl182 @ nite lite book reviews



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