09 July 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 2 - Bedtime Reading Rituals

Hosted by April at Good Books and Good Wine, I'm already in love with this challenge!

April has come up with some fabulous challenge questions.  If you want to participate, just click on over to Good Books and Good Wine and get listing!

Today's challenge question is What's Your Bedtime Reading Ritual?

My favourite place to read is in bed.  Soft pillows, cosy blankets and comfy overload - mmmmmmm!

I usually go to bed earlier than I intend to go to sleep so I can fit in at least half an hour of reading, and as soon as I'm in my pajamas, teeth brushed and face scrubbed, I jump into bed with my tablet and read on the Kindle app.  I don't often read paperbooks in bed because then I need the light on and it makes Dave cranky (although he'd never say that!), plus my tablet is easier to hold because I lay on my side with it propped up on a pillow.

And when I'm finally done reading (usually after Dave has started snoring his head off), I poke him in the side, lay down and I think about the book I've been reading, and even start composing the review in my head to lull me to sleep.

Do you read in bed?  What's your ritual?


  1. Oh I miss that. Reading in bed I mean. When I was a teen/student, I used to get a lot of (fun) reading done in bed, and like you I'd go to bed a bit early just so I could snuggle into the doona with a good book! For some reason I don't find the bed as comfy a reading place as I used to. My eyes start to water and blur, I find holding the book awkward, and as soon as I get all settled my husband comes to bed too, and he doesn't read in bed (or anywhere much) and can't just fall asleep while I read, oh no! So that's all ruined. Sometimes I'll go to bed real early and say, "I'm just going to go read in bed" and that will work out fine. But still - is there such a thing as your eyes getting too old to read in bed?? I think I need my own lamp!

  2. I do nearly ALL of my reading in bed! I love it. It's just the calm solitude that really puts me in the right groove to dive into the story. Sometimes if I try to read during the day there is just too much going on and I can't really "get into it" like I can at night. I love falling asleep with a good book! I've taken to reading on my iPad (I do have a nook but it's the very original one that requires a book light too, and I don't mind that but I love the accessibility of the iPad! Sometimes I will quick jot down my thoughts on the book as soon as I'm done reading in my Notes app, so they will be fresh for my review. I also love to go to Goodreads and mark the book "read" as soon as I finish - it just feels so satisfying! :D

  3. Bed is the best place for reading. Although I don't read too much at bedtime. The perk to having my own room is that I can keep the light on when I read and it disturbs nobody.

    -P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex

  4. I read pretty much all day some days so I don't really have a bedtime reading ritual. I kind of wish that I did though.



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