11 July 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Days 3 & 4 - BFFs and Book Chucking

Hosted by April at Good Books and Good Wine, I'm in love with this challenge!
April has come up with some fabulous challenge questions.  If you want to participate, just click on over to Good Books and Good Wine and get listing!

3) Who are your blogging BFFs?

It took me a while to find my 'place' in the blogging world, and I think that was mainly because of the books I read.  So it was less about finding bloggers with similar tastes and more about finding bloggers that I could chat to about any random stuff, bloggers with an awesome sense of humour, and people that I could relate to.

I'd love to list every blogger that I've made friends with over the past year or so, but as this post is about blogging BFF's, I'm going to name the two bloggers that I have the most connection with.  I still love you ALL though :-D

Karin from My Life ... - I can't even remember how I met Karin, but I have a suspicion it was during Eurovision 2012.  The best thing about our friendship is that we have very different taste in books most of the time, but that really doesn't matter - we find loads of other things to chat about, and I hold her completely responsible for my Twitter jailing during Eurovision 2013.  She has a wicked sense of humour and is one of the kindest people I know.  I'm SO excited that we will be meeting in person next month!

Nikki from Foil the Plot is my book soul-mate.  Another zombie fanatic, we almost always feel the same way about books, films and she appreciates a good zombie like no one else I know.  Our tastes are so similar that we even find ourselves occassionally reading the same book at the same time without knowing it in advance.  Nikki  writes the most awesome book reviews, and her film reviews are fantastic too.  

4) What's the last book you flung across the room?

I've never physically thrown a book - but man I've been tempted.

The last one that had me seriously contemplating flinging it not just across the room but out the window/down the toilet/burning it in a pagan ritual was The Registry by Shannon Stoker.  I hated every minute that I put into the 40-odd% that I read because I found the characters shallow and inconsistent and the world building just made me want to scream.  It's one of only two books in my permanent DNF shelf.


  1. Hahhaha that is one interesting pagan ritual ! But you forgot to put it through the shredder as well ;) I also have not actually thrown a book, but oooh how many times I have imagined.

    I dont have day 4 up yet, but 1-3 are at http://thepassionatebookworm.blogspot.com

  2. AWWWW, yay! I'm glad I wasn't the only one of us who was having warm fuzzies! The only other person in my life who really appreciates zombies as much as you do is my father-in-law, and cute as it may be, he's sort of a newbie so I've taken on a mentor-like role in schooling him. Haha! And yes, great minds read alike! :)

  3. That's awesome about Eurovision! haha Bex, she got me hooked on Eurovision, so now it's a ritual that she watches it in Sweden and I watch the live feed on the internet and we Skype each other while it's on - a handy way not to end up in twitter jail! haha We still watch the Twitter tweets too which can be pretty funny! I'm glad I'm not the only one addicted to the hilarity and awesomeness that is Eurovision! I seriously missed Jedward this time around, they are just so fun!

    I think Bex is my best blogging BFF (although she's no longer blogging at Kindle Fever we're still chatting everyday!) and of course my co-blogger Tabitha the Pabkins! :D

    I've not heard of The Registry but it sounds awful! There's only been like one or two books I've wanted to pitch off a cliff that I can remember - Emerald City by Alicia something.. (totally not the urban fantasy I had been thinking it was, turned out to be this schmucky ultimate romance crap) and The Cryptographer - can't remember the author of that one. It was just so fricken boring and there were literally NO page breaks or chapters dividing it. It was just long walls of text on every page, I was like ARE YOU SERIOUS?! It was a long suffering to make it to the end, I don't know how I forced myself through!

  4. I think it was easier when I first started blogging to make friends. Genres didn't seem to matter but even so there are so many great people out there in the blogosphere.

    My last throw the book across the room was Left Drowning. I can't even believe I finished it. I ended up writing a very long ranty email to a friend just to get it all out of my system lol

  5. Damn how disappointing, I just purchased The Registry from Amazon a few weeks ago.

    Day 3 & 4 Blogger Challenge



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