17 July 2013

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge: Day 6 - Shopping for Books

Hosted by April at Good Books and Good Wine, I'm in love with this challenge!April has come up with some fabulous challenge questions.  If you want to participate, just click on over to Good Books and Good Wine and get listing!  The linkys are open for six months, so it's (almost) never too late to join in!

Today's Challenge: Describe how you shop for books

As I live in a country where I only read the native language well enough to read pre-schooler books, my options for in-store binging browsing are pretty limited.  There are a few bookstores near me that have an English language section but they tend to be more focused on classics and best sellers, so I do the majority of my book shopping online.

The Book Depository is my go-to for pre-orders, as the shipping is free.  However, I find their postage frustratingly slow (I know, it's free, I shouldn't complain!) so if I want something in a hurry I prefer to go to the dark side (aka Amazon UK).

Yes, Amazon are something like the devil incarnate and are taking over the book selling world, but they work for me.  I can throw a whole bunch of books in my cart and the shipping costs are pretty reasonable, and they are fast - if I order something on a Monday, it's usually in my mailbox by Thursday or Friday at the latest.

Occassionally (like three or four times a year), I use a local online bookseller bol.com.  They can get pretty much any book I want, but then I have to wait - and the prices tend to be higher than Amazon, or even TBD.  Usually, I only buy stuff from them that are on sale, or three for the price of two.

When it comes to deciding WHAT to buy, I have a huge wishlist on Goodreads.  And when I want one book, I usually end up getting another 5, 10 or even 15 at the same time.....because I have NO self-control.

What about you, how do you shop for books?


  1. I don't really shop for books these days. Mostly, I order them if I'm about to read something I don't have and KNOW I'll love, though that doesn't happen much. Actually, most of the books I buy are for giveaways. But I am out of shelf space, so this may be for the best.

  2. i agree that book depository shipping is super slow. i pre-ordered a book and it didn't get here until almost a couple of weeks after the book had been released. and, while i don't like the idea of amazon taking over the world, people use them for a reason. they have good prices, good selection, and fast shipping. esp if i lived in a country where i could not browse bookstores, i can see why you would use them.



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